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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Ford Taurus
The Ford Taurus received something of a revival over the past several years, and it has become one of the family sedan staples in the United States. It’s a beautiful and bold looking...
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Related questions

My car won’t start in the morning sometimes, I put a new battery in it but when you jump it, it will start
Hi Nicholas. Thanks for sending your question today. There are several things that must all work together in order to start a car. So, without knowing the details about what specifically is happening when you attempt to start, it's hard...
Serpentine belt
There are a number of things that may cause this to happen. If the belt is not adjusted properly, this may put additional stress on it causing it to snap. If the AC compressor is beginning to fail, this will...
Starting issues
What you are describing sounds like an ignition coil pack that may be failing. Ignition coils are prone to this type of erratic functioning or heat cycling when they are beginning to fail due to the temperature fluctuations under the...
My car seems to be going high in the rpm and then I'll let my foot off the Gass and then it doesn't seem to want to go as if I was
Hi Melissa. Thanks for reaching out today. What you are describing could be caused by multiple components or just a minor glitch, so it's really hard to give you a straight, easy-to-explain answer here. In most cases, inconsistent acceleration issues...
When traveling at highway speeds my car all the sudden has lost power when accelerating
Loss of power on acceleration can be due to plugged fuel injectors, faulty oxygen sensors, fuel pump and/or filter, vacuum leaks including that caused by a faulty EGR system, ignition system malfunctions, bad valve timing if the timing belt or...
I just had my radiator replaced and its still leaking, it overheated two days ago and hasnt been moved. what could be the problem?
Hi Shay. Thanks for contacting us today. It could be multiple issues, ranging from a hose clamp that was not tightened correctly, the radiator cap is damaged or not correctly installed, a stripped radiator hose or perhaps the mechanic put...
Car still shaking after replaced coils and spark plugs codes cleared still showing misfire in coil 3
The code P0353 on this after you only had misfire codes and you changed the coil and plugs on cylinder number 3. You should disconnect cylinder coil and check connector and pins in coil are not damaged and if they...
Evap system leak
It sounds like you may have an evaporative emissions system leak. Your car has a small purge valve with a purge solenoid in the Evaporative Emissions system that controls the venting of fumes from the fuel tank as these fumes...
does cold weather affect what type of oil i use?
Hi Thomas. Thanks for contacting us today. Cold weather can impact the smooth flow of oil. However, today's modern synthetic oils are much better equipped to handle freezing and extreme temperatures than in years past. As long as you continue...
Car jerks at a stop, only when AC is turned on.
As you may know, the AC system puts an additional strain on the motor. The air conditioning compressor requires torque from the belt system on the engine to power it. When the AC is off, the compressor clutch does not...
My drivers side brake heats up and it is leaking brake fluid from the bottom of car what would be the problem
Excessive heat at brake components, such as the rotor or caliper, is often caused by seized components, or an internal hydraulic failure (internal hose collapse for instance) that prevents brake pressure from being released after you let go of the...
My 1996 ford tarus started smoking and the making a knocking noise when i press the gas
Engine knocks can mean serious business, and at 220 thousand miles it could be just about anything. It could be that you have internal engine damage. Before you drive the car any more, you should have t checked out to...
my car cuts off while i am in traffic
Heavy rain will not do much unless the car is driven on flooded streets. If that occurred, you might have sustained water damage to electrical components and such can cause intermittent faults like the ones you are describing. Typically, if...
Had oil changed, now low oil pressure light is on. No leaks or metallic noises, but hear a hissing noise near air filter
You may have a defective oil filter or have an oil pressure sensor issue. Have the oil pressure checked at the oil pressure sensor port and if it is within specifications then replace oil pressure switch and retest system for...
My knock sensor was read at auto zone for my 2012 ford taurus but my car wont start what would cause this to happen
The knock sensor is a component that creates an internal voltage signal based upon vibrations it detects as a result of detonation internally in the motor which creates a knocking vibration. An engine can ping (or knock) due to an...
Vehicle starting, shaking and then dying after sitting for a short period after a long drive when started again.
A few different things will usually cause the vehicle to start and then die. A bad ignition coil can cause this if it is beginning to fail, resulting in intermittent starting problems. A dirty or faulty mass air flow sensor,...
I have A 2006 Ford Taurus I went to Start my car last night and nothing happened when I turne My key everything in the car came on
With a fully charged battery in good condition, and the immobilizer (security) system off - check to be sure the immobilizer is not activated - if the starter motor does not operate at that point, there are only two possibilities:...
The miles to E is not matching how much gas I have in my tank. Why would my gas meter fluctuate?
Hi Calissa. Thanks for contacting us today. There are a few things that could be going on with your fuel gauge. First, it's possible that the gasoline tank sensor is damaged, or one of the EVAP system components is not...
1999 Ford Taurus low rpm and sounds like it wants to stall in park and when braked
Hi Jonathan. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It's possible that during your recent service that a vacuum line may have come loose. It's also possible that the symptoms are simply a coincidence and not related to the recent repairs, such...
2011 Ford Taurus RPMs drop when windows are rolled up
A slight drop is RPMs is normal. The windows are operated by an electric motor, which draws from the alternator. As for the gas gauge, that's probably normal, too. I'm assuming you're calculating your fuel range manually, using the trip...

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