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Related questions

Car driver door wont latch. Weather cold
The door will have to be inspected to determine why it is not latching. The linkages within the door, or latch, could simply be frozen but, of course, the circumstance could be worsened if the linkages suffer from corrosion, lack...
I was ina small accident recently now my marker lights flash every couple seconds as though I'm locking the doors with the remote.
You may have damaged the turn signal switch for the flashers circuit since the 4 way flashers and brake light switch has power all the time even with key off.
How do i diagnose a cylinder misfire in cylinders 3 and 6 on a 2004 ford taurus
Considering all the trouble codes that are stored in your vehicle, I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional for a check engine light is on inspection. This will help to determine which problems exist with the...
2001 Ford Taurus 3.0 L will not shift out of 1st gear ... this happened after a blown fuse that controlled all transmission sensor
Hi there. Thanks for the question tonight. If the transmission is still stuck in limp mode, the first step is making sure you have the correct Ford factory software and a professional digital scanner to remove the stored code. Most...
Found out today that my 2001 Taurus engine is clogged causing engine overheated damging the muffler and one of the catalytic. What
If your engine has overheated and you have bad converters then you may have repairs to the vehicle that will exceed it worth. Depending on the engine extent of damage you may have to replace the motor and cooling system...
The car will not move in any gear
Hi Jeff. There are three things that might be causing this problem. The first thing would be that an inner seal or gasket is damaged, causing transmission fluid pressure to be reduced inside the case. The second possible issue would...
My fob batery is new but i cannot open my call
Hi March. Thanks for contacting us today. There are two reasons why this is likely happening. Either the battery is installed backward, or the key fob needs to be reprogrammed. You can refer to your owner manual of your 2002...
Car not starting. Shut down by security system !
Please refer to YourMechanic's on-line tutorial: How to Disable the Immobilizer. If those instructions do not resolve the issue, please request a no start diagnostic and the responding certified mechanic will get this diagnosed and resolved, right at your location....
2006 ford Taurus . My steering wheel will slightly "jerk" to the left and sometimes right periodically. When car is stopped if
The problem may be in the steering rack and pinion or in the strut mount on top of the struts binding and would need to have struts replaced with new top mounts for the struts.
My car start but wont go
I can't tell from your description whether the car is not shifting into drive, or if it is shifting , but not able to move. If it is not shifting into gear at all, that could be an electronic control...
Engine light on and vibration
The cause is more likely to be in engine related controls or sensors but nothing can be ruled out until an actual and thorough diagnostic is performed. Inasmuch as the check engine light came on, there will be critical clues...
My 2014 ford Taurus won't start. Replaced battery and fuel pump. Idk what's wrong please help
If the car is starting but the problem is immediate stalling typical causes for such immediate stalling are a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty engine coolant temperature switch/sensor (typically at cold start only), faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn...
My 2006 Ford Taurus does not want to shift out of first gear
All of the transmission codes tells me your transmission is not fine and may have a wiring or solenoid problem. You will need to have the pinpoint tests done for each code to determine if it is a computer problem,...
1994 Ford Taurus will not start after battery/starter replacement
You may have a starter relay that needs replaced or the neutral safety switch on transmission can be cause. The start relay needs to be checked to see if it is getting power to small terminal when trying to crank...
Taurus accelerator issue
Hi Leonard. Thanks for contacting us today. What you're describing might be due to excessive carbon deposits stuck in the throttle body. This can cause the throttle blades to stick slightly. It's also possible that the throttle body itself is...
Hi i have a 2001 ford Taurus and the gear shift was lose i found that under the sterring whell dash that the bolt was missing
To advise you as to any necessary repairs on something like this, a mechanic will have to inspect the parts and mechanism first hand. Although sometimes adequate repairs can be made if a component has minimal damage, you are describing...
I Have A 08 Ford Taurus My Thieft light Is Blinking And My Car Won’t Crank How I Can Get It Off I Tried Everything
Hi Keosha. Thanks for contacting us today. When a theft code is activated, it will disable the ignition and fuel system to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. Unfortunately, this is something that needs to be removed by a Ford...
I have a 2007 Ford Taurus that doesn't crank or start and the anti theft light goes off when I turn the key
If the problem is simply no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, or a new fully charged battery as required, and the immobilizer (security) system off -...
Approximately how much is labor to replace a starter on a 2004 ford TauRus
The labor is probably around $100. To obtain a definitive written quote, please visit YourMechanic’s starter replacement service request page. Once on that page, click on "Get a Quote" and enter your vehicle information (year, make, model). You are welcome...
Traction Control light cuts on and off and my car will not accelerate over 40mph
If the traction control light has come on, there may be stored trouble codes and those codes will help resolve this. The loss of power you are experiencing may just be coincidental to the rear brake work. If the rear...

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