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popping and grinding sound not starting
The problems sounds like you may have broken a cam or timing chain. I recommend having a mechanic like one from YourMechanic come and check to see what is causing the grinding and not start with popping noise.
truck wont shift into gear with engine running
Hi Matt. Thanks for contacting us today. What you are describing is typically an indication of a faulty master cylinder. However, it's also possible that other clutch components or even the flywheel itself are the sources of your problem. It...
My S10 cranks but wont start.I have spark. New battery.Somedays it starts somedays it doesnt.Also leaves a gas smell.Help?
The shaking is likely a result of the motor not firing completely and starving for fuel. It sounds like you may have a fuel supply problem in getting the proper amount of fuel to the fuel injectors. As you know,...
P0200 code. Not turning over. Headlights go off with key in on position
You will need to try to get a jump start so engine turns over fast enough to start and see if you still get codes P0200 for injector circuit. If no start then will need to have systems diagnosed to...
P0200/injectorOpenCircuit/CheckEngine . Truck won't turnover. Headlights work until key is turned into on position. Can you help m
Have the electrical starting and charging system tested to see if battery and alternator are working properly. These vehicles also had electrical issues with harness connections to computer. Have vehicle jump started to see if it is a battery or...
Had a P0200 (open injector circuit) code thrown earlier in the day but continued to drive with no issues.Also the check engine lig
If you are losing power to electrical system when you turn key on and try to start it then you may have a bad alternator not recharging the battery. Have the battery and charging system tested if you can get...
Only runs full throttle
Measure engine compression. Check intake vacuum to get an indirect indication of whether valves are sticking or not. Check base ignition timing and advance function and, finally, look at secondary firing patterns on an oscilloscope to determine if the issue...
I have a s10 pickup the clutch petal, slave cylinder and friction plate are engaging. The petal is hard but smooth. It will go im
If you can't shift into any gear with the engine running but you can do so with the engine off, that usually indicates that either the clutch disc or the pressure plate is faulty. The throw out and pilot bearings...
1992 S10 pickup 4.3ltr V6 misfires bad and continues to destroy distributor caps
Misfiring can be ignition or fuel related, not to mention the mechanical (engine condition) causes. If the air fuel ratio is off due to lean operation for example (vacuum leak, fuel pump failing, etc.) the engine may misfire. To distinguish...
I have a 2000 Chevy S10 2.2 engine I smell antifreeze and no smoked windows or leaks
You would need to have the cooling system pressure tested to locate the leak to see if it is external or is and internal engine leak.
Whirring noise at idle,goes away when I accelerate, removed serpentine belt and still made noise. ...PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT IT IS
It might be the idle air control (IAC) valve/motor. Inasmuch as the noise briefly continues after shut down the cause is not mechanical in nature but rather is in an electrical component or something involving movement of air. The noise...
while driving my truck will randomly not allow me to accelerate past 1500 rpms in my 2000 chevy s10
It is possible that you could be having an issue with your cam or crankshaft position sensor. These types of symptoms can often occur when these sensors are faulty. I would recommend having your camshaft and crankshaft position sensors inspected...
My transmission in my truck is not working right anymore since I put a different engine in it i got 4 to 5 different codes
The status of the camshaft position sensor has no bearing on the operation of the transmission. Shifting of the transmission does rely though on other data outputs from engine controls, such as the throttle position sensor (TPS). If you are...
I have a 2002 chevy s10 pickup and while im driving 60mph my rpm will go up to 3000 and the engine will tev but the mph stays the
Hi Mari. Thanks for sending your question to us today. In most cases, a lack of acceleration like you're describing is due to the transmission slipping. Sometimes this is due to dirty transmission fluid while in other cases, it's a...
2002 s-10 4 wheel drive question when you press 4 wheel drive button either hi or low it blinks once and goes back to 2 wheel dri
Check to see if hose hooks to the air cleaner assembly? As far as the 4x4 not shifting you may have a transfer case not shifting internally and will cause the problem. Have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic check...
1998 s10 computer shorted and needs replaced along with the fuel pump mechanic told me that it would be $960 is this right
Vehicle computer modules and fuel pumps both are often very expensive just for the parts alone. Mini computer modules also require reprogramming once installed which typically adds additional labor time. It would be difficult to say whether you are being...
Truck wont start in the rain
This could be an ignition coil that may be starting to fail, but is more prevalent in the cold weather or rain. Generally, this is common when the coils begin to break down and heat cycling occurs, however the opposite...
Truck overheating but gage is not moving and no coolant flow thru clear line univesal tank
You may have a clogged radiator cap so coolant can go into overflow tank and back into radiator. Check cooling fan clutch to see if it is locking up as it should.
Brakes catch while driving
The drums should be inspected to see if they are actually round. Another possibility is a high spot on one of the brake shoes. The mechanic who adjusts the valves (ref: your earlier question) can pinpoint the issue for you...
Five beeps, no warning lights, 1989 Chevy S10
To rule out the stereo, be sure to pull the fuse or otherwise disable it as well as the speakers. If the beep even "approximates" the seat belt, or ignition key warning chime, that is a possibility. Apart from that...

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