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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Jeep Liberty
Thanks to iconic models like the Wrangler and the Cherokee, Jeep has long been synonymous with off-roading, but that’s really not the case with the 2012 Jeep Liberty. A great around-town SUV, the...

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My car wont start after running low on oil and start smoking while driving the freeway . now it wont start
Hi Brandon. Thanks for contacting us today. If you have a situation where the engine is producing smoke from the exhaust and is low on oil, it's an indication that there is internal damage to either piston rings, cylinder head...
Clunking noise when i turn and stays but stops when i pressed the brakes, and come back on. Noise starts after i make a turn.
The tires that you bought are wider (by 0.79 inches) than the ones you had originally installed. However, if the larger tire size is listed in the tire catalog as a direct interchange for the original size, on your year,...
Can i keep my ac lines disconnected and still drive it around, 2002 Jeep Liberty
It is not a good idea to keep your a/c lines open to the atmosphere or the system will get contaminated and the desiccant filter will continue to absorb moisture from the air and can explode and send material into...
2010 jeep liberty a/c and heater
Despite your commands (dash versus defrost, etc.), if air is only blowing out of the defrost vents, but not the central dash vents, that means the blower door system is malfunctioning. The cause could be electrical or mechanical in nature....
2004 jeep liberty shakes loudly and harshly when i accelerate or its shifting gears? why and no engine light has come on
Try and see if the engine does the same thing when in park? If it does not then the problem may be in the transmission and would need to have it diagnosed further to see if it needs internal repairs...
In my 07 Jeep Liberty, the coolant tank is empty. Should I add coolant to the tank or check the level in the radiator?
You'd better just wait until it cools off so that you can look in the radiator. Filling the reservoir will not help in an overheating situation. It may take an hour or two for the engine to cool off enough,...
I have no cabin heat, just blows out cold air. The engine doesn’t overheat and it seems like fluid is coming out of the radiator c
If coolant has to be added more than once per year, there is a leak. To find the leak that exists in your case, and get the required repair estimated, please request an engine cooling system leak diagnostic and the...
Rattling when turned on or idiling. Not sure if it’s the catalytic converter?
The converter is a possible source of rattling but it is not as likely a source of the noise as other components. Your best course is to request a vehicle noise diagnostic. The responding certified mechanic will pinpoint the origin...
ETC issue with cylinder misfire
ECM's are very reliable and thus are rarely a root cause of engine trouble. Although the misfire will have to be diagnosed and resolved once the engine is running, the initial objective is to determine why the car won't start....
I have a nostart with codes p0883 and p0700 after engine replacment.
P0883 means the voltage on the transmission control circuit is out of range. Typically, this is due to a wiring and/or connector fault. PCM failure can cause this but that is uncommon. P0700 also relates to the transmission control circuit...
2012 jeep liberty has a very strong burning smell. Jeep is not overheating and the check engine light is not on. The smell is like
A leak of engine oil onto a hot engine component such as the exhaust manifold would cause a strong odor. Another possibility is a binding serpentine belt (riding over a seized pulley) and the belt is overheating and smoking. If...
My oil light came on way before it usually does after getting a battery replaced.
It could be that the service reminder was affected by having the battery disconnected for a short time. These days, it is wise for a technician to hook up an alternative power source while changing the battery to prevent memory...
Car stalling when slowing down, speedometer broken, no indoor lights, car keys inoperable.
You may have shorted out a fuse that goes to the radio wiring to the body computer. Try to disconnect all radio wires except to speakers and see if systems start working again. You may have wired into the computer...
No brakes in reverse for 05 jeep liberty
It sounds like you may have a brake fluid leak. This could be due to a rusted out steel brake line, cracked rubber brake hose, or dried out square cut O-rings in the brake caliper. I would recommend having your...
After getting rotors, breaks replaced and air conditioning hose flushed, engine is shaking while idle and driving.
It is unlikely that the brake work and air conditioning work is related to the shaking you are describing. Shaking or vibration may be caused by many different things such as faulty spark plugs, poor fuel pressure or misfires. Other...
I already have an inspection code why do you want to charge me 70.00 the code is P0304
P0304 is a "trouble code". The diagnostic fee that you are probably referring to relates to a check engine light diagnostic. The cost component in the check engine light diagnostic involved in merely downloading the "code" is trivial and, indeed,...
Cannot remove radiator hoses from heater core fittings
Hi Brett. Thanks for sending us your question today. The first thing I'd do is refer to Jeep's repair and service manaul, to determine if they recommend any specific tools or procedures for this job. The heater core coolant tubes...
2007 jeep liberty. Noticed no a/c soon realized power steering loss. Battery light came on. Fluid all over engine bay. Need help
Check to see if the drive belt is intact. If it isn't that would explain the loss of power steering, AC and the battery light. If the belt is intact, then something must be locked up, preventing the other parts...
starts,but no drive or reverse trans fluid clean
Check the fluid level, not just the condition. If the fluid level is too high, it might reflect lack of hydraulic pressure. Check the shift linkage cable and manual level on the transmission case. What you are describing can be...
Whit smoke jeep
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