Q: Cannot remove radiator hoses from heater core fittings

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Blower motor works. Temperature control module works. Able to have air blow from both defrost and at your feet. Air does not blow from face vents. Separate issue, has not worked for awhile and can live with it. Recently the temperature of the output air has significantly dropped. Have had the car for 3 years. Heat has never been an issue. Pretty much blowing only cold air now. In-flow line to heater core is hot. Assume water pump is working and thermostat is functioning properly. Out-flow line from heater core is warm, but not as hot as in-flow line. In general, there is a mildewy / musty smell in my car. Not sure if related. Attempted to do a back-flush of the heater core myself. Had everything setup: Hose with clear plastic tubing and attachments, buckets, vinegar, CLR. Hit a problem that stopped all work: Could not remove hoses from heater core fittings. Bought pick tools to assist in removal of stuck hoses. Could not get to work. Any suggestions on other methods to remove hoses?

My car has 111850 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Brett. Thanks for sending us your question today. The first thing I’d do is refer to Jeep’s repair and service manaul, to determine if they recommend any specific tools or procedures for this job. The heater core coolant tubes can be tricky to remove, especially if they are corroded on the inside of the hose. I typically use a pick-tool to separate the hose from the male fitting on the core, then twist the hose to remove. You might want to remove the heater core itself and replace it.

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