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V6-3.3L Turbo

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Idle Problem & Exhaust sputtering noises
With the information that you have provided, I would surmise that you are describing the signs of an engine misfire ( Pulling the diagnostic codes with a code reader will probably show codes that relate to a misfire, and could...
Overheating above 60MPH - 2002 Nissan Frontier
Hello there, many faults that will cause your 2002 Nissan Frontier to overheat above 60mph. When overheating is seen at speeds the most often faults are the radiator (, low coolant level (, air in the cooling system, or a...
Heavy white smoke from exhaust(2001 Nissan Frontier supercharged)will not start after.
Hi there: Usually heavy white smoke is a sign of serious internal engine damage such as worn out piston rings or worn cylinder head valve guides. It could also be an oil control valve that is damaged. Regardless, the white...
Distributor rotor turns but no spark at the plugs which is where
If you are not getting any spark, a few things I would check would be the ignition coil or coils (, the ignition module, the ignition system fuses (, and finally the cam ( and crank position sensors ( Tests...

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