Q: 2010 jeep liberty a/c and heater

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My a/c is blowing cold air but only coming out of the defrost vents. And the heater is blowing out of the defrost vents too but not getting hot. When I first turn the heater on it gets really hot for about 10 seconds and then goes back to cool air. Ive checked the coolant/antifreeze - it was good. and ive checked the hoses under the hood, they get hot/warm when the car is heated up but it still blows cool air. Is there something that could be causing both problems? and what could it be?

My car has 136000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Despite your commands (dash versus defrost, etc.), if air is only blowing out of the defrost vents, but not the central dash vents, that means the blower door system is malfunctioning. The cause could be electrical or mechanical in nature. The malfunction with the heater could be due to a problem with the heater control valve which "directs" hot coolant to the heater core. If in your application the heater control valve is electrically controlled, yes, it is possible that a "global" electrical malfunction is causing both the blower door system malfunction and the heater control valve malfunction. That finding though is speculative and just depends on what an in person inspection/diagnostic reveals. Both issues are related enough though that the best approach is to request a malfunctioning heater diagnostic. The responding certified mechanic will deal with both issues. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic because we want you to make the most of your repair dollars and help you to get the best possible results.

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