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Bad gas flush fuel system 2015 Ford Expedition
If contaminated gasoline is suspected or proven, your only recourse is to drain, and possible clean, the fuel tank. The system filter would have to replaced as well and you have to hope nothing got past that filter to the...
Smoking out of exhaust and smell of oil for lincoln mks
Some smoke at start up can be normal, particularly white smoke from condensation. However, continuous smoking after the first few minutes signifies a problem with the engine that you should seek to have identified in an engine smoking diagnostic. If...
Ratteling passanger door
A rattle inside the door would require the door panel to be removed to see if there is something loose or there is another issue like broken glass from a broke window from the past. Once the door panel is...
Have a Ford F150 (2013) w/EcoBoost. Check Engine Light on with error code P05410. Can't find that code
Hi There, Code P0510 relates to the computer detecting an incorrect position in the throttle plate relative to the position of the throttle according to the computer, which gauges this throttle position according to differences in signal voltage. When an...
Check Engine Codes P0014 and P054A
These codes are for the exhaust camshaft sensor or camshaft alignment issue. There is a long pinpoint test that needs to be done to try and verify if the sensor, wiring or camshaft solenoid is the issue. If the codes...
will a 17 inch donut spare tire fit on my car with 20 inch rims,i have a 2010 ford taurus sho with the perfomance package
Hello. Yes as long as the donut has the correct offset then it will clear the brakes and work just fine.
2011 f150 ecoboost 3.5 overheating while towing 6500 lbs trailer up parleys, what could the issue be? Instantly cools when off gas
Hi there. You are correct in assuming that many turbo-powered F-150's have issues with intercoolers wearing out - especially when they are put under significant loads and hill climbing as you've described. To be honest, most automotive manufacturers never assume...
my door sensors aren't working. It thinks my doors are open
Hi Chris. Thanks for contacting us today. When you are seeing a door ajar message on the dash, it can be caused by sensor failures or other electrical glitches within your system. Due to this fact, having a professional mechanic...
I have a 2013 Ford Explorer. There is 76,000 miles on it. At about 70,000 miles, I started hearing a noise when I would turn my wh
Hi Georgia. Thanks for writing in tonight. Generally speaking, all three issues could be a distinct possibility around the 70,000 miles or 4 year period on your Ford Explorer. Struts generally should be replaced every 75,000 miles, power steering fluid...
I got 150000 on my 2011 sho when should I change my timing chain?
Hi Robert. Thanks for writing in today. Although it's vital to change belts and hoses on a regular interval (as they are designed to wear), there is no recommended replacement for a timing chain. In theory, the timing chain should...
F150 starting system fault
You may have open recalls for the shift select transmission range sensor that needs to be done. This sensor will cause the fault and will also cause other issues like no reverse lights or showing correct gear selected. It can...
Does my 2013 ford f-150 xlt 3.5L Turbe have a fuel pressure regulator or a fuel rail pressure senser on it
Your engine has a fuel pressure sensor on fuel rail and a fuel pump module in rear of truck to control fuel pump pressure to engine.
I just installed some led brake lights on my 2011 f150. They worked fine at first, but now my brake lights are not functioning. Th
I would recommend attempting to reinstall the old tail lights to see if those work. If the old taillights work then it would be the new ones that are causing the problem. If the old ones do not work it...
Low compression cylinder 2 and 4
If the compression is below the minimum specified in the service manual, the mechanical (or head gasket) issue causing that will have to be resolved. Either the cylinders (2 and 4) are leaking through the head gasket, the valves or...
power steering defaults came on last night and was very hard to steer. This morning everything seems normal. This happened another
There was a Ford recall (No. 15V340000), initiated on June 2, 2015, involving the electric power steering assist system in certain MKS models. The purpose of the recall was to inspect and repair vehicles where the electric power steering assist...
My 2015 Navigator won’t allow me to select the front or rear park aid. It’s not highlighted so I can not check it to turn it on. A
Your vehicle uses Ford's "MyKey". If Park Aid is presently on (if the feature is working), you might be using a programmed "MyKey" that renders this feature "non-configurable", that is you cannot select it (on or off) with the key...
Will mymechanic do a leveling kit and is strut replacement the labor since basically that is all it is?
Hi Mike. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, our mobile mechanics at YourMechanic.com are only able to complete OEM repairs and routine maintenance. Adding an aftermarket kit or components that alter the factory suspension is not a service we can...
Noice with new rotors/pads
The noise may be due to interaction between the pads and the rotor "design" that sets up a harmonic at particular speeds. OEM pads and rotors are already designed, tested and approved as matched materials in order to avoid the...
Q: Miss fire
Engine misfires can be caused by many different problems and are generally caused by either a spark or fuel issue or in some cases, a combination of both. Spark related problems generally will result from things like ignition coils, crankshaft...
Arrive advanced track, car jerked and slowed at highway speed
Hi Dylan. Thanks for contacting us today. Generally speaking, this type of warning light will occur together (meaning the service advanced track system and the traction control light) when an ABS or Speed Sensor is either damaged or has a...

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