Q: Whine from 2011 f150 drivetrain

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My 2011 f-150 Ecoboost was an angel until a month ago. My extended warranty ran out and I get a crazy bearing noise. Sounds like a pinion bearing, bring it to the local shop and he says it's the tail shaft/Torrington bearing. Put in a used tranny and still hear the same sound. I have an appointment with the local Ford dealership Wednesday but..... The sound, increases over 10 mph and gets louder, increases with speed and never changes with turning or bumps. It also decreases when I slow down and is still audible at around 5mph. Is it really possible to have two trash transmissions from this 6r80? Any other known issues? Mechanic swears it's from in front of the transfer case. The transmission did solve the slamming in/out of first/second/ third gear as he found a lot of metal in the case.

My car has 112507 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. If the replacement transmission you installed was used, it’s quite possible that some component inside is damaged as well. However, it is more likely that the initial diagnosis is incorrect if you are still hearing this pining sound. I would put in the original transmission before taking it to the dealership if possible; as you’ll be chasing repairs most likely with the used one. Plus, the dealer will possibly question why the used transmission is in the OEM 2011 Ford.

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