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For a 2016 Ford explorer Ecobost, does the AC fan start before the radiator fan or both starts at the same time when the engine is
Thank you for your question. There are coolant temperature sensors in the fan circuit that control fan cycling. Consequently, when the engine is first started and the coolant is not yet hot, neither fan will run. However, if you turn...
Hi Ashley. I'm not sure whether or not you received our first reply via email, so here is a link of what we recommended. If you can't access it, here is a brief summary. Essentially, it's very difficult to tell...
my lr4 won't drive but starts what do i do
Check the linkage from the gear shifter to the manual lever on the transmission. You want to be sure the manual lever on the transmission case actually moves into the various gear selection positions (aka, "detents"). If the gear shift...
Catback Exhaust Rotation
Hey Jim. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you with diagnosing issues with your catback system, as it's an aftermarket system and component - which we can't offer technical tips. We only focus on OEM...
How do I handle this car issue?
Hi Ashley. Thanks for contacting us today. This is a very good question and one that often confuses car owners as to the proper way in which to handle. The solution really depends on what type of warranty or coverage...
when I park on a hill and put it in reverse it cuts off and now cuts off while driving .. no warnings, no check engine light is on
Stalling when the car is put in gear could be due to a faulty MAP sensor but there are other causes. If the engine is stalling randomly while driving, the possible causes are a fault in the electrical system such...
2016 Ford Flex making a clicking noise
If the clicking does not occur while moving but rather is occurring shortly after you turn the car off, the exhaust system could be a source of the noise. Clicking while moving would be due to a mechanical issue though....
My mirrors wont automatically retract in anymore.
The procedure to diagnose and repair, or replace, the mirrors is in the Factory Service Manual. The cost to repair them depends on the amount of disassembly that will be required and whether they are repairable or must be replaced...
I just recently boughta car and i want to make my car sound a little louder?
OEM manufacturers spend huge sums of money to try to make motor vehicles as quiet as possible, a part purpose of which is to avoid needless hearing damage (a big problem nowadays). Depending on your jurisdiction, there may also be...
My coolant has changed from pinkish to dark brown.
Hi Brian. Thanks for contacting us today. This is actually quite common, as what's happening is that rust from inner coolant lines or the radiator itself is coming off with the new coolant. The best way to keep the coolant...
Your vehicle uses the JF011E Jatco CVT transmission. There is a serviceable transmission oil filter in your transmission. Replacing the filter and the transmission fluid at 100,000 miles on this vehicle is good preventative maintenance although Jeep does not specify...
Why are the rpms going crazy
My best recommendation would be to have a check engine light is on inspection performed by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of this issue. It is very likely that the check engine light being illuminated has something...
So I have a 2016 Altima with 19,0070 miles what oil is good to put in my car?
You should use multi-grade, energy efficient (aka, "Resource Conserving") 0W-20 synthetic oil in this vehicle with an API Service Classification of "SN". Use a name brand such as Mobil 1, Valvoline, Pennzoil, Castrol and so forth. On the back of...
2016 Jeep renegade with engine surge & software update flash pcm&tcm to match software but is slight pull and jerking normal after
Hi Alex. Thanks for sending us the question tonight. It's actually a very good question. If the dealership has inspected the vehicle and determined that the symptoms you're experiencing are caused by a computer or software glitch, a reset or...
picture of location of ect sensor
If you are referring to the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor, please see the information at this Chrysler parts catalog link. If a trouble code has led you to suspect a fault with the ECT sensor, please note that the...
My car vibrates when sitting still idling 20,000 miles on it and it's a 2016, just had oil change and tire rotation and went out o
Engine vibration at idle is due to either faulty motor mounts or an engine management fault (ignition, fuel, air induction, etc. but also including uneven cylinder compression and mechanical issues) or perhaps a combination of the two. The root cause(s)...
My mercedes c300 says collision prevention assist plus inoperative
The warning light means there is an electrical malfunction in the collision avoidance system and that could involve sensors, wiring, the control computer and so forth. Anybody who fixes it (whether you, a Mechanic, etc.) has to have in hand...
What do I do if I push on the gas and it goes backwards
If there is no response to accelerator input, the fault could be in the engine, engine controls, transmission or a combination of these possibilities. The vehicle will have to be diagnosed and undoubtedly some repairs will be required. A YourMechanic...
My current wheels have an offset of 55. Can I get new wheels with an offset of 35?
A 5 mm change in offset (positive or negative, from the OEM spec.) is generally considered the maximum allowable so as not to create adverse effects on vehicle handling. The change that you are contemplating will substantially degrade the handling...

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