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I was going around 45 mph and as I let off the gas and then gently reapplied my foot on the pedal I can feel this rumbling stuttering feeling under my foot and I can slightly feel it creep up to my dash at first I thought this might just be a bad road I was on because it kind of felt like a lot of mini speed bumps. This only happens when I’m gently pressing the gas pedal building up speed between 20-25mph and more pronounce around 40-45mph if I’m firm during accelerating the stuttering doesn’t happen. Now if I put the car in sport mode in which the rev in the car is consistantly higher the stuttering/rumbling under my foot doesn’t happen maybe it’s a CVT thing? I just got my transmission fluid done days ago. Brakes rotors are all good

My car has 24000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The shuddering problem is coming from the CVT transmission and may be an internal clutch slippage or valve body pressure problem. This will require the transmission to be pressure tested to see if it is due to the wrong fluids used or it is an internal problem with the transmission.

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