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91 mazda b2600i When you press gas when @ idle it wants to cut off, when you let off gas it picks back up & no power when driving.
What you are describing is loss of power as well as near stalling. The cause of that fault can be diagnosed, and any required repairs made, if you request an engine loss of power diagnostic. To give you an initial...
Do your radio have something to do with your lights.?
You did not mention if it is inside dash lights or outside lights? Either way an electrical issue would need to have the fuses and switches in the light system checked for proper operation and power to and from them....
the battery drains over night why
If the battery discharges while the car is off, a common cause is current flowing in a circuit(s) even when the circuit(s) has been commanded off. This is referred to as a "parasitic" load, also known as a phantom load....
Only runs full throttle
Measure engine compression. Check intake vacuum to get an indirect indication of whether valves are sticking or not. Check base ignition timing and advance function and, finally, look at secondary firing patterns on an oscilloscope to determine if the issue...
I have a very loud knocking sound from the front driver side of my 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4
Hi Taylor. Thanks for contacting us tonight. A loud knocking sound coming from your front wheels can be caused by wheel bearings or inner transaxle components. If the noise does not come on during reverse, then it's likely a forward...
My 91 f250 7.3 keeps stalling out
You should first replace the fuel filter to make sure it is not sucking air into the system and then if it does not help then will need to have the fuel pumps checked for leaks or lack of pressure....
My 1991 ford ranger sputters when I accelerate and sometimes when idling it sounds like it’s cammed.
The trouble codes stored as a consequence of the check engine light coming on may yield important clues as to the underlying fault. Consequently, those codes should be followed up on first. If resolution of the trouble codes does not...
heater core? Passenger side floor soaked in coolant. Windows foggy. Removed dash but unsure i want to continue with HC.
All vehicle HVAC, as well as engine cooling system, diagnostic and repair services are available. For heater core replacement or repair, if you request heater service, the extent of the repair will determine the labor/part(s) costs. You obviously have already...
It is very possible that there is an issue with the ignition switch. The ignition switch controls the power source two different circuits of the vehicle depending on which position the key is in. I would recommend a qualified professional...
My 1991 chevy silverado windshield washer fluid isn't spraying. Its full of it but its not spraying
Assuming that there is no blockage in the outlet lines to the spray heads at the windshield, the pump motor, or circuit to the pump motor, is faulty. This can be diagnosed and resolved, right at your location, if you...
Engine problems
It is very possible that some internal engine damage may exist. Perhaps the engine was ran low on oil at some point causing wear to the valve train. This can cause noise when the engine is running over time. I...
heater core
The type of metal should not make much of a difference as long as the heater core is shaped the same way and has the same style hose fittings as the one that came out. I would certainly recommend replacing...
Do i need to take the bar off to get to the transmission pan?
No you do not need to remove crossmember to get the pan off. Sometimes the rear transmission mount sags and will require disconnecting mount and jacking up rear of transmission to get pan bolts and pan out.
91 vw golf is overheating after hitting a curb. Took out thermostat just to check if that's the problem. Still overheating. Repla
If the suspension, alignment, or perhaps drive axle is damaged such that the engine becomes overloaded, the engine could overheat. Another possibility is an exhaust pipe was damaged creating a restriction. Normally, a collision won't cause any of the "typical"...
I have a 91' toyota corolla. My brake light will not go off on its own
The brake light switch lives under the dashboard near the top of the Brake pedal. The witch may be loose or broken, or there may be a problem with the pedal return spring. If you crawl under the dashboard with...
I bought touch screen stereo for my honda 1991 EX HONDA SEDAN accord and it won't turn on
Thank you for your question and inquiry and sorry to hear that this installation is not going smoothly for you. If you would please request an electrical component diagnostic/component installation the responding certified mechanic will troubleshoot this and complete the...
Smoke from coolant filler
You should open the oil fill cap and look to see if there is water in the oil. Have cooling system and cap pressure tested to see if there is an external or internal leak. Test computer and see if...
I have a around 1991 Camry Toyota LE I bought st an auction someone who previously owned put a self alarm with no brand name
The 1991 Camry offered a factory alarm option which appears on the vehicle wiring diagrams. It was referred to as the TVSS system (Toyota vehicle security system). First, be sure that what is installed on your car is not just...
Car whent into limp mode I belive but once I turned it off it wouldent turn back over
The problem may be something to do with the engine charging system not recharging the battery. You mention it will not start but did not mention it cranks and won't start or will not crank at all.
This can be caused by a large piece of carbon inside the cylinders of the engine and if you run some decarbonizer into the engine and see if this helps? If noise continues then it may be a rod knock....

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