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The exhaust system is loud when started, sound is more concentrated towards front of car. What could be the problem?
Loud exhaust noise could be due to deterioration or breakage of the internal baffles in components such as the resonator and muffler as well as leaks at pipe joints or even at the manifold on the engine. To determine the...
Driver door won't unlock or lock from the inside and out. We are currently on the outside locked out
The problem sounds like the door latch or door lock is seized and will not let you open the door. You will need to get in through the passenger door and the inside door panel will need to be removed...
When I drive the car is fine but after like 15 min of driving when I press on the gas it make a clunk sound
Something like this could be due to worn drive axles, loose suspension components, loose motor mounts and possible transmission related faults such as a loose torque converter. The noise sounds like it is fairly obvious and so a trained mechanic...
Be sure there is adequate oil in the engine. If there is adequate oil and yet the "low oil level" light comes on when the engine is running, that means there is a fault with the oil level sensor in...
Car or stereo won't shut off once car is off and key out and battery keeps dying
If the car engine does not shut down when you turn the key to "off", the ignition switch contacts could be faulty and, if so, the switch should be replaced. The stereo has its own on/off switch though. So, if...
do i ever use geras 3 2 1 on pontiac grand prix 2006
For normal everyday operation you should only use the D setting. The 3-2-1 settings are generally used only in conditions where you may be towing you would use the 3 setting to keep transmission from shifting into overdrive or when...
Car starts and shuts off. Replaced crank shaft sensor and its not fuel pump
Hi James. Thanks for contacting us today. There are multiple possible reasons why your car will start and shut off as described. First, although the crankshaft position sensor is a common source of this issue, one item often not replaced...
My car been driving good lately but my reduced power light came on wats wrong
The reduced power light indicates that something has gone wrong in the engine or transmission control system and the controller has limited the speed at which you can operate the car to prevent damage. It's sort of an enhanced limp...
No reverse, car drives in neutral and drive
You may have a shifter cable problem with the cable ends. The plastic cable end bushing deteriorate and fall apart causing this problem and may require the shift cable to be replaced. Check cable end where it connects to transmission...
When it's cold outside I start my car and it comes on and go right back off I do it about 2 times then it stays on
Hi Shawn. Thanks for sending in your question today. If you turn the key and the starter engages (meaning the engine cranks over) then your problem is likely a fuel system or ignition system component. Most of the time, when...
Start car put in gear it will move but when come to a complete stop it won't go any further RPM will go up but car won't move
Check transmission fluid level and quality. If the fluid level is too low, or too high, that can account for what you are describing. Something like this could also be due to a faulty torque converter, faulty pump in the...
My car will switch in every other gear but drive
You may have a broken forward apply band however when that happens usually not only "D" is affected but also "3". Check for movement in "3": if you cannot move in "3" and "D", you almost surely have a broken...
New key not recognized
It sounds like you may have an issue with the anti-theft system that is preventing it from starting. I would suggest trying the following to try to reset the anti-theft system: Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on...
Car is overheating.
The most common causes of overheating include low coolant level (including that due to leaks), a faulty thermostat, a plugged radiator, a faulty radiator pressure cap, collapsed hoses, non functioning cooling fans, and a faulty water pump or drive belt....
can a disconnected steering shaft affect the steering angle sensor and prevent the vehicle from accelerating while in gear?
Hi Robert. Thanks for submitting your question. It's possible, however unlikely that not having this sensor attached is causing the accelerating issues. All sensors communicate with the ECU. As such, when one is not completing the circuit (from the ECU...
I just recently had my ignition switch changed on my 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix now the car won't start and it triggered the anti the
Any time part of the ignition system or keys have been replaced on a vehicle that has a theft system installed from the factory will require reprograming the new keys to the vehicles theft system.
Could a bad fuel injector be making my 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix smell like gas?
It's possible that a leaking injector or injector o-ring could be making your Pontiac smell like gas. These items could also cause driveability issues, such as the ones you describe.There are other potential causes as well though, such as a...
2002 Pontiac grand pri is leaking coolant. Needs new head gasket and some other work done. I put blue devil put and go in radiator
Hi Monica. Thanks for sending in your question tonight. To be honest, if you have coolant leaking past the head gasket and into the motor, my best advice is to start looking for a new vehicle. The cost of repairing...
Car won’t start sometimes
There are many causes of hard starting but illustrative ones are a faulty engine coolant temperature switch (sensor), worn spark plugs, inadequate fuel delivery or pressure (clogged fuel filter), contaminated or old gasoline, a faulty throttle position sensor, the idle...
what should you change every year on your car
Besides an oil change you should have the air filter checked and replaced if needed. Also have tires rotated. Other than this you should follow the vehicles recomendations for higher mileages and have a complete check up on the suspension...

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