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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2013 Dodge Dart
It’s back, and better than ever. In the first incarnation of the iconic Dodge since 1976, the Dart has been updated, beatified, and turned into a compact force to be reckoned with. This...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You Live in a City
Living and driving in the city means you’re faced with parking constraints, narrow streets, and the constant stop and go of traffic. With all of that said when you’re ready to purchase a used vehicle these are all...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You Have a Tiny Parking Space
In many cities parking spaces come at a premium, so you only want to purchase one small space. This small space will end up dictating what vehicle you purchase, so we’ve rounded up some great candidates. Must-haves Arm...

Related questions

I went through a puddle that was deeper than I thought. Now every time I accelerate there is a water/grinding sound 2015 dodgeDart
The A/C system evaporator case would only be flooded if the water on the roadway rose way above the door sills on your car. Even if water entered through the condensate drain on the lower exterior of the vehicle, that...
It does not respond to this request. Says misrecognition. I'm about ready to rip this stupid feature out of my car. Please help me
If you don’t want Uconnect to let you know every time that your paired cell phone has a new text message, you can turn off the announcements. To do so, press the Uconnect phone button, which looks like a telephone...
car stuck in reverse. And won't star
Hi Bee. Thanks for contacting us today. Quite often, the main reason why the gear shifter will become stuck in reverse is due to one of three things. First, the brake switch might be stuck or damaged. Second, the ignition...
My car overheats and I'm not sure if it's the sensor or it's actually overheating, I also can smell coolant
You can use an infrared thermometer to attempt to determine the actual operating temperature although if you detect the odor of coolant, the engine is likely too hot. Be sure not to drive the car if it is overheating because...
I installed a new battery but the car wont start and i have intermittent power.
I would recommend rechecking the battery terminal in connections on the positive and negative side. It is possible that when the battery was installed the battery cables were not tightened all the way. A loose connection at the battery can...
having problems with vibration
Hello Frodric. Thank you for contacting us today. The type of vibration you are describing is typically caused by bad tire/wheel balance. When the tire and wheel combination is out of balance, it will create a harmonic vibration that typically...
Vibration - balance question for tim
Hey Frodric. Thanks for the follow-up. Glad to hear that the tire balance was off. Three ounces off on smaller tires like your Dodge Dart has is quite a lot. There are a few things that could be going on...
Can you give me a thourough step by step on how to replace the drivers side cv axle on my 2015 dodge dart sxt
Hi...unfortunately, this is not a procedure that can be summarized in a brief space. Even prior to contemplating the job, you will need a calibrated torque wrench and the tightening specification for all removed bolts, particularly the axle hub nut...
Q: Traction control
It sounds like the impact may have damaged the wheel speed sensors, which direct signals to the traction control module. Your vehicle is equipped with wheel speed sensors at each of the four wheels which monitor wheel speed while relaying...
My 2015 Dodge Dart will not start with backing it out and then it just stopped no no part no stirring device neither and the key w
If the car suddenly stalled and won't re-start, the fuel pump could have failed, a major sensor such as the crankshaft position sensor could have failed or there might be some sort of global electrical failure. The fact that you...
Steering problems. Alternator? Belts? Stupid car? Help!
I believe this vehicle has electric power steering. If you have a red battery light, it is possible that the alternator could be beginning to fail. I would recommend having your alternator inspected by a qualified professional to determine if...
Dodge Dart clutch won't come back up
Hi Fermin. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Typically when the clutch pedal falls to the floor without pressure, it's due to a failed master cylinder. With hydraulic clutch systems, diagnosing the root issue is much more difficult than a cable-operated...
my son's car went through a diagnostic with a mechanic and they said they fixed the problem but it died again today - who should p
To determine who is responsible you would need to know: 1) the details of the original diagnostic, that is exactly what failed; 2) exactly what repair or replacement they performed to address the failure; and 3) exactly why the car...
Fuel pump replaced, car worked for a few days, now won't start.
It sounds like you may have a fuel supply problem in getting the proper amount of fuel to the fuel injectors. As you know, when you turn the key to on, the fuel pump is activated and the fuel system...
First 20 min of driving my car it will rumble and shake when I put it in reverse but after the 15-20 min it will go away
Your transmission pressures may be too low or have internal seals leaking when first starting out in reverse since reverse takes the most transmission pressures. I would recommend having the transmission fluid serviced and filters changed then see if problem...
2013 Dodge dart ignition won't release key
This problem is reported for this model, by other consumers, in the NHTSA database. Some reported fixes have involved removing power from the battery as a "re-set". Also, sometimes an improperly adjusted shift cable is the cause. There is usually...
The brakes in my car are acting weird. All of a sudden, they feel like they have no power.
It sounds like you may have a problem with the brakes developing the proper hydraulic pressure. One of the most common causes of the brake pedal going to the floor is a loss of brake fluid. Generally, this is easy...
Every time I fill up my gas tank my car starts to act weird and it only happens when after I pump gas. I hear that it’s bad to sti
Hi Vanessa. Thanks for contacting us tonight. I think what you are describing might be caused by an EVAP component failure, such as a purge valve or EVAP canister issue. The EVAP system is designed to filter harmful vapors from...
Check engine light. How to clear permanently?
The oxygen sensor trouble codes that you are referring to will set due to trouble not only in the oxygen sensor itself but the oxygen sensor circuit too, which includes wiring, terminals, grounds, etc. Therefore, unless the O2 code(s) you...
Head gasket or thermostatic car over heating 2013 Dodge Dart sxt 2.0
A faulty head gasket is not a common cause of overheating. The cooling system thermostat, or another issue, is much more likely. In any event, once a diagnostic is performed you will know the exact cause of the overheating. The...

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