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I.changed my coils and spark plugs on bmw 328! My car is shaking
Hi Wendy. Thanks for contacting us tonight. After these repairs are completed, 80% of the time, this symptom is caused by the spark plug wires being connected to the wrong plugs, a vacuum line that is loose or an electrical...
misfired 6th gear? what needs to get done?
Hi Marvin. Thanks for contacting us today. I'm a bit confused by the issue of a misfired gear? If you are experiencing engine misfire, then it could be caused by worn out spark plugs, coil packs or other ignition system...
I am planning to buy a 2011 BMW 328i with 80k miles, 1 owner and automatic transmission. How much should I pay for it?
I would suggest checking the Kelly Blue Book website with specifics related to your zip code as market prices of cars vary by zip code. This will give you a baseline for determining whether or not the car is within...
Where is the fuel pump relay on 2011 bmw 328i coupe
The fuel pump control module is behind the right rear side interior panel. The fuel pump is under right rear seat.
just brought car to dealership for eoutine oil/filter change and after, was told evrthng check'd out fine. now service light is on
The maintenance reminders are programmed to come on at intervals that depend a lot on your driving style, so it is not just a clock. If most of your driving is short trips wherein the car is not allowed to...
Rough idle, At stops it surges and I can feel the engine shaking. When I get up to speed it’s fine please help..
What you are describing is a category of inconsistent idle. The underlying fault may still exist at higher engine speed but the effect is masked at those higher speeds. Among the potential underlying causes are vacuum leaks, EGR system malfunctions,...
very loud squealing sound about 15 minutes after driving
Well, if you've removed the belt and still get the noise, that eliminates most of the normal causes like alternators and idler pulleys. I doubt it has anything to do with the water in the cooling system although you absolutely...
I have a 2014 328i. It has recently been in the BMW service department 4 times for the same issues. they can't seem to fix it.
It is very possible that one of the engine mounts has failed. It is also possible that one of the transmission mounts could be causing this issue. I would recommend having your engine and transmission mounts inspected to determine if...
valve cover gasket warranty for cracked valve cover
Unless you could prove that the mechanic cracked the valve cover and it was not already cracked before they did the gasket. This would be hard to prove since it may take a few months for a leak to show...
Q: What is this noise
The noise on the audio is not distinct enough to assign a source although the slight tapping noise could be from valve train components. Check the engine oil level and oil pressure as inadequate oil, or the wrong viscosity, can...
I have a 2008 BMW 328i it stopped on me It started driving shakey the beginning of that week or two before slow take off and would
If codes have set, an initial step would be to determine if those codes are relevant to the no start condition. To that end, and to get your car running, your best bet is to request a check engine light...
I torqued the axle nut on my 1996 BMW 328i to the spec of an M3 and want to know if I may have damaged the axle in some way.
Hi Marvin. Thanks for contacting us today. The main cause of over-torquing is using an impact or air wrench. However, the majority of damage occurs when the torqued component is in use, develops heat then cools. In your situation, catching...
I the 2011 BMW 328I recently changed the radiator and fan and put in the wrong coolant.
Using the wrong coolant shouldn't have any short-term effects like that. The consequences of using the wrong coolant usually relate to seal and head gasket failures over a long period and if you have replaced it, everything should be fine....
Car Kind of jolts or jerks right when coming to a complete stop.
The transmission shift points can be checked to see if the transmission is causing the jerking or it is caused by the brakes. A scanner can monitor the shift points to see if the transmission has sticking shift solenoids or...
I need to downsize wheels from 20" to 18". Is that recommended? My tires are 255/30 R20. What new tire size should I get?
Hi Sriram. Thanks for sending in your question today. The 20" wheels on your BMW are likely plus (2) from OEM. Most 2013 BMW 328i's come with standard with all four P225/45ZR17. Some BMW's increase the OEM to 18" wheels,...
Smelling fuel,hesitating to start or starting after 2 cranks,rpm gauge and jumps a little at start up.Runs perfect on the road!
If you have an external fuel leak that is dangerous. Internal fuel leaks could be due to leaking fuel injectors, prolonged cranking or an overly rich mixture. If the engine is not starting as readily as it used to, there...
on my abs module one of the lines Won’t go in straight. It was leaking but then it stopped. What do I do?
If it doesn't feel like it is going in correctly, or if you suspect that the line doesn't fit, the right thing to do is to back off and find out why. By jamming it on in you might have...
i put an cold air intake on my 2014 bmw 328. now my my car some times idles really high and even cuts off.
If you want to return the car to stock, you can obtain the broken part by using the used parts database at Car-part.com. If your desire is to see if you can get the cold air intake to work with...
Car: 2008 BMW 328i - 2 days ago I accidentally drove right over a speed bump, it was loud. Immediatly the car started to make a
The noise you are describing is marked and thus the origin will be obvious to a mechanic on inspection. There may be evidence of direct impact for instance. Among the components closest to the ground are exhaust system components. The...
I have a check engine light and it reads code p1727 on a bmw 2008 328i convertible
OBD-II diagnostic trouble codes do not and, indeed, cannot identify failed parts. Once you have a trouble code in hand, what you have to do is perform a diagnostic. In the course of that diagnostic individual parts are tested often...

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