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Related questions

Car is completely dead but comes back on after a few hours. But in about a week it dies again. And won't jump.
The vehicle has an electrical fault that appears to be "global" in nature. That means that a major circuit or circuits, or perhaps the battery connection to vehicle ground, is faulty. Inasmuch as the failure is global, all that is...
Hey, Mia same thing happens to me. I mean the brake lights themselves
You should have the brake light switch checked to see if it is adjusted correctly or is over sensitive and needs replaced. This is for the rear lights coming on without touching the pedal.
Car will not shift out of first gear unless I put it into sports mode
Hi Shannen. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If you didn't remove the battery cables from the battery prior to completing this service, then it's likely that you may have shortened out the electrical system and created an error code that...
I have a 2014 Kia Optima. The instrument cluster lights will not come on when the headlights are turned on.
This may very well be related to the dimmer switch if the cluster lights up at all, however if it does not then it may be related to the instrument cluster voltage regulator, which may not be providing power to...
work done on car including brake inspection, now its bouncy and the front makes a metallic squeaking sound when going over bumps
If the shocks/struts are worn (with 90,000 plus miles, yours are), it is conceivable that putting the car on a lift, that is taking all the vehicle weight off the suspension, can hasten the failure of an already worn out...
How do i know if my alternator is bad? The car only clicks but won't start. The horn blows and the light works. I put in a brand
Alternators are tested using a voltmeter while the engine is running. If charging system output measured on the battery posts is around 14.2 to 14.8 volts (see your Service Manual for exact values), that represents normal alternator operation. During one...
Stearing wheel becomes hard to turn when brake pedal is depressed
This may be related to a failing power steering pump or low power steering fluid levels. As you may know, the power steering system uses a pump, normally driven by a belt. The pump supplies pressure as it is turned...
My 2010 kia optima Lx wont shift unto second gear n wen i press the brakes to stop its like my motor rise up
A possibility is a shift solenoid failure. If shift points in your transmission are, in part, determined by a vehicle speed sensor and/or the electronic throttle, another possibility is there are malfunctions in those components. There is a software update...
My 2015 Kia Optima is shaking when coming to a stop
Hi Ericka. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In most cases, when a car's engine shakes when you come to a stop, it's caused by either a vacuum leak, a dirty throttle body or fuel injectors that are clogged with carbon...
Trunk is closed - warning light stays on. How do I turn it off
Hi Joan. Thanks for contacting us today. The first step is to determine what is causing the light to illuminate. In most cases, this is due to a fault with the trunk lid sensor or the wiring harness. Unfortunately, it's...
Engine Died Car wont Start
It is possible that some engine damage may have occurred when this happened. Full Throttle is typically not recommended on many vehicles as it can cause the engine to Red Line. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a...
Horn not working, airbag light on, and some controls on the steering wheel are not working either. What is wrong? What should I do
Hi Derek. Thanks for contacting us today. Usually, these type of problems is associated with an electrical glitch in the steering column. Sometimes this could be a bad or faulty electrical relay or an exposed wire inside the steering column....
2007 kia optima code P0011, changed oil and filter. Safe to drive it?
There is only so much that I can tell from this desk. but you will probably be all right. P0011 usually indicates a problem with the variable camshaft timing device. In most cases the car will run without trouble. The...
Car acts like it’s started, but the engine isn’t actually on.
Hi Connor. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, when your car has power with the accessories but will not start, it's caused by either an ignition or fuel system failure. This could be due to a faulty fuel...
How do I display digital speedometer in a Kia Optima
You need to go to trip modes screen and then go to digital speedometer to get digital readout of speed.
Front tire went flat after a turn into a parking lot on my 2011 Kia Optima after trying to inflat liquid came out of the tire near
This could be a damaged tire bead or damaged rim near the leak. You will need to have tire removed and tire and rim inspected for damages.
Q: Engine lights
Your vehicle is equipped with wheel speed sensors at each of the four wheels which monitor wheel speed while relaying this information simultaneously to the ABS and traction control system which are controlled by the car's ECU. When the ECU...
A Kia. When gas tank gets below half tank engine light comes on but fine when you fill up tank. Why
If the illumination of the check engine light is truly "related" to the fuel quantity, the issue might be a fault in the EVAP system. One way to find out for sure is to download the trouble code(s) that are...
I have a 2011 kia optima my Check engine light keeps coming on I've had an evap test done and diagnosis nothing can be found any s
The underlying malfunction was either not identified or, in the best case, was only partly resolved by replacement of the valve. In the worst case, the valve was replaced speculatively, without adequate testing to determine if it was actually faulty,...
2012 Kia Optima have to top off oil every 1,000 or so
In 2017, the 2012 Optima (and other Kia models) was recalled for an issue related to engine damage. Check to see if any recall related repairs are required. If the engine is using more than a quart of oil every...

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