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Clutch will not go into gear when husband was driving he pressed the clutch petal which wouldn't budge
Disassembling "it" resolved the hard pedal issue but it sounds like the original cause of the hard pedal fault was not discovered. At this point, the soft pedal could be due to an internal leak in the slave cylinder or...
Dies when put in any gear but neutral and park 1995 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 tbi 4x4
First check cylinder compression. If within spec, then scope secondary firing patterns at idle to see if there are any obvious indications of a fuel versus ignition related malfunction and also to determine if all cylinders are involved in the...
My cutlass was running rough before I found out it was leaking coolant from the water pump they fixed that and still leaking have
If your vehicle is having rough running symptoms, it is very likely that trouble codes are stored in the vehicle's on-board diagnostic system. Depending on whether your vehicle has OBD1 or OBD2 it should be fairly easy to determine if...
Engine died getting to 60mph,wont start,very low oil but no water in engine,but sludge in coolant reservoir.had recent oil chage
If the engine does not start, the recommended service is a no start diagnostic and that service can be performed by a certified mechanic right at your location. Once the engine is running, the mechanic will evaluate the condition of...
Will Ford dana 60 lockouts and dana 50s interchange
Torque King will have this interchange information for you because they specialize in both of these axles. When you contact them, they will probably need to know the exact year of manufacture of each axle that you have as different...
My 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse 3s doesn't have heat only cold air comes out and it rumbles really loud
Common causes of no cabin heat include malfunctioning blend door(s) (part of the in-dash ventilation network), a faulty or stuck heater control valve, a plugged heater core, stuck open engine cooling thermostat, collapsed hoses, and low coolant level. The cost...
Hi, I have a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick 2WD 1.6L 8V TBI SOHC 4cy It is completely out of time. I would appreciate information on: 1. Ho
Hi Leo. Thanks for the question tonight. The only way for us to help you with this would be to attach the instructions noted in the service and repair manual for the 1995 Suzuki Sidekick. Unfortunately, since we're unable to...
What could cause my car to hesitate from moving after hard braking?
If engine speed increases (i.e., the hesitation you are experiencing doesn't stem from an engine fault), the brakes might be sticking and/or the transmission (clutch, band, low hydraulic pressure, if you have an automatic transmission) is slipping. If you want...
The alternator is not charging like it supposed to be I had it changed and it's still doing the same thing in his jumping between
Hi Willie. Thanks for contacting us today. When you have an electrical problem like you're describing, it's typically caused by a poor electrical connection, failed or damaged electrical relay or an exposed wire creating a short. There are several wires...
why is my car only misfiring when I accelerate, what can be the problem?
The problem may be a fuel delivery problem like clogged injectors. Have the fuel pressure checked and filter replaced and see if this helps? Replace the plugs and wires as needed.
My boyfriends friend said he had the brakes changed on my 1995 toyota corolla and not even 1 week later i have absolutely no brake
It sounds like you have lost a braking circuit. Most cars from the nineties had the brakes divided up into front and rear braking circuits so that if you had a failure on one, you'd still have partial braking. It...
If I am hooking up an aftermarket oil pressure gauge, do I need to keep the electronic oil pressure sending unit hooked up?
The aftermarket gauge that you are using would likely work either way. I would recommend trying to keep the factory sending unit in place if possible to prevent any potential issues that may occur. If the new gauge does not...
I have a transmission on a 95 ford ranger automatic and i can't find the spot for the speed sensor. Its not the stock tranny.
Hi Patrick. Thanks for the question today. Unfortunately, if this is not the OEM transmission, it's hard for us to tell you where the speed sensor is located - since we don't know the identity of the transmission.
1995 Camry V6 sometimes won't stay running
There are quite a few potential causes of the hard start scenario you present, but the fact that you can get the engine to run so long as you maintain high "idle", thus perhaps stabilizing fuel supply, makes me think...
I need to know how to set my tining on a 3 cylinder 95 geo metro
Hi Michael. Thanks for contacting us today. The best way to set your ignition timing is to follow the directions listed in the service and repair manual. Since we're unable to attach files or provide exact steps to this platform,...
The likely cause of this shaking is loose, worn or defective suspension components and/or tire wheel imbalance. It is also possible that defective or irregularly worn tires, as well as damage to the wheels, can cause or contribute to the...
It smokes where u check the oil at when u drive it
This sounds like you may have major engine problem and with the information given cannot make a complete diagnosis and recommend having a mechanic like one from YourMechanic come to you and diagnose the problem since you may have major...
Engine rocks when braking to stop
The metallic clunk is not normal but I can't tell from the video what is hitting what. I do see a sudden movement but the image is too brief and the view is not close in enough, or in the...
Car won't start
It is possible that the ignition switch could be the cause of this issue. I would recommend having the ignition switch in your vehicle tested by a qualified professional in your area to determine if it is functioning properly.
95 blazer s10 wont crank or start
If you're not getting any click or sound at all, then it's likely that you have a problem at the ignition switch, a starter relay, or the associated wiring. In older cars, sometimes it just takes a hand under the...

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