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truck wont shift into gear with engine running
Hi Matt. Thanks for contacting us today. What you are describing is typically an indication of a faulty master cylinder. However, it's also possible that other clutch components or even the flywheel itself are the sources of your problem. It...
My harmonic balancer isn't going on all the way on my 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Hi Rue. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are a few reasons why the harmonic balancer will not fit. First, if the wrong replacement component was purchased. Second, if the area was not properly cleaned and excessive debris exists, or...
This may suggest the transmission synchros may be wearing out. Your transmission has small gear synchronizer rings that help to move the transmission in and out of the various gears. When these begin to wear out, you may notice it...
My car has been sluggish to start the past week or so. My car would squeal upon being started and then would stop after being turn
This may be related to many different possibilities, some of which may be related to a lack of spark or possibly timing issues and some of which may be related to a fuel delivery problem or a combination of both....
Hello one day I went to work fueled up my 95 ford ranger parked it at work then got off work to my truck not cranking up, replaced
With the key held in the start position, power will only be supplied to the fuel pump momentarily and just long enough for the system to pressurize. If during that momentary interval you read zero volts, the way to resolve...
Castle nut won't bust loose from spindle
The axle nut in this axle should be tightened to a torque value in the range of 174-231 ft. lbs. If the nut is too tight on installation of a new bearing, what happens is the ball bearings in the...
Car wont move
Claimed by Kevin Gainer
RPM going crazy, car won't move
Hi Ronica. Thanks for contacting us today. It's quite possible that you have two different issues causing the overall hard to drive problem. The high RPM is caused by either a vacuum leak or an idle control valve failure. This...
Trans get stuck in third gear
You will need to have the transmission and computer scanner for codes to see if the transmission problem is an internal solenoid issue or a valve body issue. You may need to have the transmission checked for the torque converter...
While driving its making howling noise
Howling noises can take on many forms, but the one that comes immediately to mind is the rear axle. The ring and pinion gears can set up a nasty howl that might occur when you step on the gas and...
Getting spark getting fuel still no start
Hello, Boots. Thanks for contacting us today. Although you might be getting the spark, it's quite possible the ignition timing is faulty. This is monitored and adjusted by the crankshaft position and cam position sensors. This is often what causes...
Should I purchase non serviceable ball joints? 1995 lexus ls400 lower ball joint
The distinction of more relevance in purchasing a part such as a ball joint is "should one install the OEM (Lexus) part versus an aftermarket part?" If you want a long lasting ball joint that is guaranteed to fit your...
I drove my car, the car wouldnt turn off, and then when I got it to turn off it won't turn on. The dashboard lights come on but wo
It would most likely be caused by a bad ignition key cylinder or ignition switch. If you could not turn key to off then the lock cylinder may be binding or the ignition switch is bad.
Gas odor
It sounds like the evap vent is clogged near the fuel tank. This will cause the excessive pressure build up of pressure and the canister vent can get blocked with debris. Have this system checked and repaired as needed. ...
After driving the car dies, will start but not idle
What you are describing sounds like an ignition coil pack that may be failing. Ignition coils are prone to this type of erratic functioning or heat cycling when they are beginning to fail due to the temperature fluctuations under the...
Car hesitates when driving. Not all the time. P0341 dtc. Replaced cmp, checked connector.
You may also want to check the spark plug wire routing as sometimes this is known to cause interference issues related to the signal that the camshaft position sensor produces, resulting in the sensor producing a faulty signal to the...
My car only starts to stall when the engine warms up and nothing happens when I unplug the IAC harness
Hi Griffin. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several reasons why your car may have this issue, but typically it breaks down to fuel or ignition system components that are worn out. When an engine heats up, components like...
Car won’t start
Hi Tyler. Thanks for sending the question tonight. If you've just replaced a battery (like in the last 24 hours) then I would suggest checking the battery cables for corrosion or check your ignition relay. If the battery was replaced...
1995 Olds Cutlass Cierra LS stalls while driving
There are many potential causes for your concern. Stalling often means the vehicle is getting too much air or not enough fuel. It can also indicate a problem with the ignition (the crankshaft position sensor is a common problem on...
My engine sounds like I revving once I start it even with my foot on gas pedal constantly
It sounds like you are describing the symptoms of a failing throttle position sensor. The throttle position sensor monitors the throttle position of the throttle plate inside the throttle body in relation to your foot position on the gas pedal....

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