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I just replaced my alternator in my Toyota. My car starts up fine but I notice when I’m driving that out of no where I push the
Hi Kyle. Thanks for contacting us today. I'm not sure whether or not the alternator replacement has anything to do with this symptom. However, it is possible that during the removal, an electrical fault may have disabled a transmission speed...
Loud noise when car started in the cold morning, just replaced the fan, mechanic says its a new fan. My car is Nissan Maxima, 2000
If the mechanic means that there is "now" noise because previously the fan was not even functioning (if that is even the case) and thus the car is "now" relatively noisier (because no fan was operational before), that's logical. However,...
My 2007 mercury milan will click but not start
Hi Robert. Thanks for contacting us today. While you might have enough battery juice to power the accessories and lights, it's quite possible that your battery doesn't have enough cranking amps to activate the starter. This is typically what the...
My 98 infinity will start but wont stay running after i take my foot off that gas
Hi Kenneth. Thanks for submitting your question today. In most cases, when an engine will stall after releasing the throttle it is caused by a restriction of fuel, the fuel system’s inability to properly mix air to fuel or an...
Grinding noise when shifted to drive or reverse and when in park it still rolls?
Hi Kevin. Thanks for contacting us today. What you're describing is caused by an internal gear failure inside the transmission of your Toyota. While a transmission can be rebuilt to resolve this issue, in most cases it will cost more...
My car starts then shuts right off
The first thing to check for in a case like this is air leaks. Any air that gets into the engine without going through proper channels will lean out the system and cause problems like this. Look under the hood...
Locating TCM on 2000 saturn ls2
The TCM is in the right rear of engine compartment. The first thing to check after putting in a new good battery and checking the charging system is to see if any fuses are blown for the TCM. The engine...
I have a Ford five hundred and the Engine brake will not release it is a foot pedal brake and the release is the pedal aslo can an
If you request parking brake malfunction diagnostic/repair service, the responding certified mechanic will get this diagnosed and resolved, right at your location. These systems can seize and bind but the exact remedy will just depend on what has gone wrong...
Does the harness for the leftrear light have anything to do with it not working
With one exception, the brake light circuit, wiring and harness, if defective, will only affect the operation of the brake lights. The one exception is if the brake light switch, which is part of the brake light circuit, is defective...
How to fix shift lock release
Trouble code P0720 will set if the output speed sensor circuit is malfunctioning. The specific fault could be in the output speed sensor, the input speed sensor, damaged or corroded wires, or loose connectors, engine sensors or shift solenoids, and/or...
Best way to fix water leaking from intake manifold Toyota Camry 1999 6 cylinder
Hi Robert. Thanks for the question today. It depends on where the leak is actually coming from. The line is a coolant inlet hose. If the leak is coming from the connection, it's likely the clamp or the hose that...
car keeps cutting off mid drive while accelerating and braking despite having changed the trottle body
Hi Stephanie. Thanks for contacting us today. While in most cases a damaged throttle body will exhibit these symptoms, it's just one piece to the fuel system puzzle. It's possible that additional fuel or ignition system components are also dirty...
New LED Headlights stopped working
hi Soren. Thanks for contacting us tonight. My question to you would be whether or not this is an OEM or aftermarket LED headlight. If it's aftermarket (even if it's recommended for Mercedes-Benz), compatibility issues like you're describing can often...
My service light has been flashing recently and it flashes whenever I am typically driving at a high speed. The car seems to be mi
It is possible that you have a clogged fuel filter or a weak fuel pump. I would recommend having your fuel pressure tested by a qualified professional to determine if it meets the manufacturer's specifications. If not I would recommend...
New battery alternator and starter car ran for an hour then stalled and won't crank back up battery is dead
The term "short circuit" is probably the most overused term in technology, but I think it might apply in your case. It sounds like there is some connection or device that is shorting you battery and charging system to ground...
Most Vehicles will require a reflash or reprogram to be done with a new ECM unit installed. Many times this must be done by a dealership because local shops tends not to have the proper equipment to do such a...
I have a transmission on a 95 ford ranger automatic and i can't find the spot for the speed sensor. Its not the stock tranny.
Hi Patrick. Thanks for the question today. Unfortunately, if this is not the OEM transmission, it's hard for us to tell you where the speed sensor is located - since we don't know the identity of the transmission.
My oil pressure gauge was reading zero but is now jumping around
Although oil pressure can be low, or erratic, even with an adequate amount of oi in the engine, in a situation like yours do check to be sure the engine oil level (on dipstick) is correct. If the pressure sensor...
My 04 jaguar x type 5 speed will not shift into gear while the car is running. It will shift into forst when the car is off and wi
Hi Alex. Thanks for contacting us today. What you're describing sounds a lot like a master cylinder clutch failure. However, it's possible that other internal clutch components are at fault and would require replacement. The only way to correctly diagnose...

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