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Starting issues
What you are describing sounds like an ignition coil pack that may be failing. Ignition coils are prone to this type of erratic functioning or heat cycling when they are beginning to fail due to the temperature fluctuations under the...
Car not shifting properly after transmission replacement.
This sounds like a problem with the transmission range sensor, also known as the transmission position sensor. This sensor is responsible for sending data or input to the PCM relating to the transmission in order for the PCM to properly...
When I turn off my car the check engine light comes on, ABS, and Brake light on, but when the car on they go away
It is possible that there's a short in your instrument cluster somewhere causing these lights to illuminate. It is also possible that there could be a malfunction in your ignition switch. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a...
You may have a failing voltage regulator that could be allowing the alternator to supply too much or too little amperage to the battery resulting in the battery never maintaining a consistent charge as it is designed to. The voltage...
Serpentine belt
There are a number of things that may cause this to happen. If the belt is not adjusted properly, this may put additional stress on it causing it to snap. If the AC compressor is beginning to fail, this will...
Hello, I have a 2010 Mercedes c300. Lately each time I put gas the car won’t start until I keep pushing gas pedal. Code p2422
The codes (P0174, P0171) indicate insufficient fuel relative to the air charge (i.e., lean operation). Lean operation can be caused by a faulty fuel pressure regulator, a weak fuel pump, a clogged fuel filter, a faulty powertrain control module (not...
So my car lost power on the highway due to the positive battery cable separating from it's self. After fixing that, my car won't s
If the starter (solenoid) is "clicking" but the starter motor is not turning the engine over (i.e., cranking the engine), then there is, at least, a problem in the starter circuit that would have to be pinpointed. However, if the...
My car is too low for shops. I have about 3 inches of ground clearance. How should I get an alignment done?
Aligning a vehicle yourself is easy especially given the ready availability of tools in the aftermarket which any consumer can purchase. I use Ammco optical toe gauges and a digital caster/camber tool vended by InterComp. You have to use these...
Castle nut won't bust loose from spindle
The axle nut in this axle should be tightened to a torque value in the range of 174-231 ft. lbs. If the nut is too tight on installation of a new bearing, what happens is the ball bearings in the...
My 2004 mazda b3000 is idling rough and has a loss of power. Engine light is on. Spark plugs and ignition coils have been replaced
The ECU is basically the computer for the vehicle. Unfortunately this computer can fail in a number of different ways causing a number of different symptoms. It is not a for sure thing that the vehicle would be dead if...
What oil should I use in my 04 Audi A4 3.0L V6 Quattro S Line, either 5W30 or 0W40-10W40?
Viscosities of 5W-40, 5W-30, 0W-40, and 0W-30 are all specified for your model, the main selection criteria being the ambient temperature you are operating in. If you are in Alaska, use 0W-30. If you are in the southeastern desert, use...
No spark to 2 cylinders
If you are not getting spark on two cylinders and you replaced the coil pack then recheck the wires are on the coil to the spark plugs first. If they are correct then the signal wires from the computer to...
no spark to 2
If the ignition system checks out good but you still have misfires on the two cylinders then you may have clogged or bad injectors. First do a compression test on the cylinders to make sure it is not a base...
maxima 2000 el sistema de seguridad se blokeo en modo seguro que significa eso
Can you post your questions in english so we can answer the questions for you?
2003 saturn vue want stay crunk up shuts off in traffics when i crank it it just turn over have to wait a while cant cut it off
If the fuel filter was not replaced when the fuel pump was replaced, this could be part of your issue. If the fuel filter is clogged up and dirty, this can cause a restriction in the fuel system and prevent...
My neighbor has a 2002 mercury sable and he press the pedal and it revved up but didn't move
It could be that the transmission has failed. Or it could be that there is a bad CV joint. either one will leave you stranded in place. If he has heard some knocking when he went around turns for a...
But my neighbor can put the vehicle. In reverse gear. And it will drive in reverse. So why he do that but will not drive in forwar
There is a possibility of a transmission linkage issue but a more likely explanation is an internal transmission fault and that could include anything from a faulty valve body to a broken band or clutch. Check the transmission fluid level....
Where is the switch on a toyota 03 avalon
The car does not have an inertia switch. When in an accident the system turns off the fuel relay control and needs to be reset through the DLC with a dealer level scanner in most cases to enable the fuel...
So my 2005 ford escape starts battery is good but car is out of oil will that make it not want to drive or just really need to kno
If you have no oil in the engine, this could very well be the cause of it not staying running. I would strongly recommend not running the engine with no oil in it. This can cause much worse damage than...

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