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2003 ford explorer no power and the lights don't turn on
Hi Jordan. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If I am understanding you correctly, it appears as if the battery cables themselves might be the source of your problem. If they are exposed, meaning there are any wires outside of the...
99 Ford explorer v6 sohc my truck will not rerestart after it warms up . What could be wrong
During one of these no start incidents, check for fuel and spark. Regardless of the "unusual" nature of the failure you are reporting, if the engine fails to start, the causes are identical to the slate looked at in any...
I have 2003 Ford Ranger 4.0 V6 FX4 4x4 and i was wondering if i could put in a transmission from a lower trim from the v6 or i-4?
The best way to determine if the transmission will work is to physically inspect it in person before buying and installing. This way you can be certain that you have the correct part.
I unplugged a line from the inter cooler on my 2010 mustang and pressured air shot out of it I don’t know what it is
The intercooler should have compressed air in it as that air is delivered by the Turbo for cooling in the intercooler. If you are trying to diagnose an intercooler or turbo failure, or simply re-assemble the system, you can request...
Service engine soon light after repair
There are quite a few reasons why the check engine light illuminates, with an EVAP system malfunction, such as a loose or defective gas cap, a possibility so the gas cap should always be checked first to save you money...
Why can't you disable the alarm permanently
A faulty car battery will sometimes cause this problem so have the battery load tested to be sure that is not the issue. With regard to a faulty battery, basically the security system interprets dropping voltage as an attempt to...
My 02 Ford explorer will crank but not start. It has gas in but I'm not sure what's wrong with it
Confirm that the engine immobilizer system (security system) is not activated thus preventing the car from starting. If the immobilizer system is on, you may see a security warning light. If the warning light is on, to temporarily override the...
What do I do if someone put something in my oil in my truck to damage it?
What to do depends on the material that was used to contaminate the oil. If it was a "solid" contaminant, you might have to disassemble components, perhaps beginning with the valve cover that has the oil fill cap. If the...
It all depends on what needs reprogrammed. Most dealers will have to do most programming procedures and will charge about 1.5 hours and should be expected to cost anywhere in the $175 to $250 range depending on dealer labor rate...
O/D OFF Blinking
If trouble codes have already set, and been stored in the vehicle computer, those trouble codes should be resolved and all required repairs made. That alone may resolve the performance issue that you are writing in about, or at least...
Transmission is missing output shaft speed sensor port
The problem in performing a bypass is it is illegal in all jurisdictions to bypass, or modify, any vehicle component for the express purpose of defeating mandated emissions testing. If the output shaft in the two transmissions is identical (including...
Crossed battery terminals now 02 Ford Explorer won't start
Hi Bryan. Thanks for contacting us today. This might be due to a damaged electrical relay or perhaps the battery cables themselves were damaged during the cross-connection. It is also possible that the ECU may have been damaged or other...
I have a 2002 Ford Explorer 4L auto and my shifter lever will not shift into gear but it will shift it out of gear
There is probably a fault, or some sort of misalignment, in the external linkages although there is a possibility that the manual valve within the transmission, connected to the manual lever (that you describe operating by hand) somehow is getting...
Radiator question
The top radiator hose is the returning hot coolant from the engine and the lower hose is the coolant returning to the engine after the radiator has cooled it down. You should have the top hose hotter than the lower...
No first gear
Your vehicle uses the Ford 5r55e transmission. If you want to test solenoids, the solenoid apply chart for the 5r55e is on page 5 of the Sonnax 5r55e Zip Kit Guide or see the Service Manual. The Sonnax guide will...
I have 2003 Ford explorer and I was driving and the car cut off and wouldn't start back up it's not the battery I got the car tow
Often, if a car stalls suddenly and won't re-start, the fuel pump has failed or an essential engine sensor, such as a cam or crankshaft position sensor, has failed. Other possibilities are sudden breakage of the timing belt or chain...
making a grinding noise when I drive the sound seems to be coming from the rear. Noticibe all the time but more when I am turning
You will need to have the rear brakes checked first to see if brakes are worn down to metal. If brakes are okay then you will have a problem in the rear axle bearings and a mechanic can isolate the...
Hello, I have a 2005 mustang and was driving and the steering wheel and brakes all of a sudden locked up then the car died. It rol
The engine stalling would need to have the computer scanned to see if there is stored codes to indicate a problem? The leaking brakes should be repaired by whoever did the brakes and may be unsafe to drive and should...
The likely cause of this shaking is loose, worn or defective suspension components and/or tire wheel imbalance. It is also possible that defective or irregularly worn tires, as well as damage to the wheels, can cause or contribute to the...

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