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Replaced front rotors didn't bleed the break's now they feel spongy 97 Ford expedition
Did you open up the hydraulic system? If not, then there is no more air in the system "now" than prior to replacing the rotors. If you did open the system, but didn't bleed the brakes, yes air in the...
I have a 2004 Ford Expedition, we replaced the starter but the vehicle still wont start
If you are referring to no starter operation (versus a circumstance where the starter works but the car engine just won't catch and run) see if battery voltage reaches the starter solenoid. If there is no battery voltage at the...
I'm trying to replace my passenger side window on a 2007 ford e 350 van
The window is attached to a regulator assembly within the door. To access the regulator assembly/window track, the inside door panel has to be removed along with any components that are behind the panel (electrical for the most part) and...
Car turns off while driving
Hi David. Thanks for contacting us today. Usually when a car acts this way, it's due to an electrical problem of some sort - either an exposed wire that causes a short in the ignition system or a fuel delivery...
Humming noise on acceleration mainly when going over 40mph and vibration feeling in gas pedal
The symptoms you're describing sounds like that of a faulty wheel bearing or even a choppy Tire. I would recommend checking your tires for abnormal wear. If you believe the wheel bearings may be causing this issue, I would recommend...
F150 running rich
The most common causes of too much fuel being delivered are: a dirty mass air flow sensor that overstates the amount of air entering the engine; a faulty oxygen sensor; a faulty coolant temperature sensor (the temperature signal is a...
intermittent wipers not working and windshield washer not working on 2009 ford expedition
This sort of fault is typically diagnosed using a volt/ohm meter with the factory wiring schematic in hand. The type of circuit interruption involved can vary a lot from something as mundane as a bad ground connection to the more...
slightly rough idle only in drive position but the rpm needle doesnt move - i had the intake mainfold replaced already
The vibration could be due to faulty motor mounts. To cover both that possibility, and the possibility that the vibration stems from an engine management fault, I would suggest that you request a rough operation/rough idle diagnostic and the responding...
I accidentally put gear oil in my torque converter on my 66 impala with an automatic th350 transmission. The transmission already
Hi Joshua. Thanks for contacting us today. It's not a good idea to mix transmission fluid ATF with gear oil - as they are much different in thickness and composition. It's best for you to stop driving the vehicle and...
I just replaced my fuel pump and now the truck is acting like its not getting gas
Hi Justin. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several possible reasons why you are not getting fuel from the fuel pump. First, if the pump was not correctly installed or primed, it may fail quickly. It's also possible that...
Rear, left turn signal and both rear bottom brake lights aren't working.
Hi Tammy. Thanks for contacting us today. Most of the time, when the brake lights fail, it's due to one of three possible sources; the bulb is burned out (which you've confirmed is OK), the brake switch under the pedal...
I have a clunking noise in my driver side front end when going over bumps or turning.
What you are describing sounds like a failing CV joint. A CV (Constant Velocity) joint is a shaft that connects the transmission to the wheels, essentially transferring the power from the drive train directly to the wheels. The CV joint...
My van will not go over 40 with over drive on. With over drive off drives fine. 2011 E350 5.4 190000 miles
It sounds like you may have an issue with the overdrive switch. In your particular application, the overdrive function in the transmission is controlled by an electro-mechanical switch that operates the control of the overdrive. In some cases, this may...
What does the code P0150 mean?
Hi James. Thanks for contacting us today. I would recommend reading these two articles - first on the P-0130 OBD-II trouble code and second on the P-0150 code to learn more about these codes.
I changed my wheelhub about three month’s ago due to humming sound and now when I drive over 50 and apply my brakes my tire bounc
You should jack up that wheel and wiggle the wheel to see if there is a loose bearing? If it is not loose then you most likely have a warped brake rotor on that side.
I own a 2006 F150 5.4L, the ac works but then it stops and hot air comes out during daytime, at night the ac works really good.
It sounds like you may have a condenser fan that may not be cooling the AC condenser properly. As you may know, the job of the AC condenser fan is to cool down the AC condenser as it generates a...
What does the w on my 2005 expedition mean
Your vehicle has an automatic transmission so it is equipped with a flex plate, not a flywheel. Repeated flex plate failure is often due to excessive crankshaft run out, engines that are not properly installed to the transmission housing due...
Can't find the Fuel Pump Relay on a 2003 Ford F-250 SD 5.4L
The fuel pump relay is behind the radio in an enclosure. To access the relay the radio must be removed. With a wiring diagram, you should be able to do some diagnostics to determine if, in fact, the relay is...
i see that you have my truck as having 190k miles. it has 154k actually. is there a prob?
Hi Kathryn. Thanks for submitting your question today. I have forwarded your inquiry to our service department, so they can review the mechanic's notes and reply directly to your questions. They should be contacting you soon via email.
ABS and Traction control light on and I lost battery power
In many cases, when there is a drop in electrical power in the vehicle, this may trigger the ABS light to come on as you have described in addition to causing the dash gauges to not work properly. I would...

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