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I got a loud pop in my 5.4 liter f150 with rattle and misfire after what could it be?
A loud bang could be due to backfiring and/or a mechanical failure. Either could in turn be related to, or the cause of, the present misfiring. To evaluate your engine, pinpoint the cause of the misfiring, and determine what repairs...
2013 Ford Expedition, left Front caliper will not release fully. Changed entire caliper and brake hose that leads to it. Bled bra
It sound like there may be a kink in the metal brake line that goes to that wheel. I would recommend checking the brake lines on that particular wheel to determine if any kinks exist that may be preventing fluid...
99 expedition rear locks will lock fine but when unlocking will make noise and come up a little but will not actually unlock
This is typically a fault with either the door lock actuator, which is an electro-mechanical device in the door, or rusted or corroded links in the mechanism, again within the door. To obtain a diagnostic and thence repairs, the recommended...
Reverse light
It sounds like there is a short in the reverse light circuit. This is what would be causing the light to stay on with everything else off. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional for potential...
after charging battery and reconnecting it alarm went on and truck would not go on 99 f-250
Faulty batteries can sometimes appear fully charged. It doesn't take much in the way of a voltage drop for some alarm systems to malfunction, that is go into alarm status. Consequently, it is best to load test the battery to...
You Ford E350 van 5.4 engine no oil pressure and won't turn over. Good battery, engine start to turn over but stops.
Hi Live. Thanks for contacting us today. If you are not getting any oil pressure, then it's likely that you have either a damaged oil pump or an internal engine component like a timing chain is damaged. It's also possible...
I just put a brand new battery in but the car won’t start unless it is jumped
Not all "new" batteries are fully charged. Be sure the battery is actually fully charged. If it is fully charged and yet there is no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that...
Why would a 2008 E150 van 5.4 vin L not work in my 1999 F150 5.4 vin L?
The two vehicles you refer to do not use the same assembled cylinder heads nor the same assembled short blocks. Although the cylinder head castings (sans all parts) may be the same, there are differences in the valve train between...
Throttle body coolant out line
Hi Dakota. Thanks for sending your question to us tonight. Unfortunately, we can't upload files to this platform to provide you with a diagram. Your best option is to purchase a service and repair manual for your 2002 Ford F-150,...
Throttle body hose
I would recommend searching on the engine near the thermostat and the upper and lower radiator hose for a missing hose. I would also recommend checking the intake manifold as well for missing vacuum hoses. If the missing hose is...
Cylinder honing
Prior to honing, the cylinder has to be measured for any out-of-round condition. The service limit on out-of-round for your specific engine is .0005 inches. If out-of-round exceeds .0005 inches, which it probably does, the block has to be serviced...
Reverse light on my f150 stays on
Hi Heather. Thanks for contacting us today. There are a few possible reasons that your reverse light is always on, ranging from a damaged electrical relay to an open fuse. It's also possible that the neutral safety switch is damaged....
The front of the vehicle squeals when accelerating, it isn’t the belt or tensioner I replaced them and it’s not the u joints
Hi Taylor. Thanks for contacting us today. Wheel bearings when they begin to fail or lose lubricity can make this type of sound. It's also possible for a rear differential to make similar sounds when gear oil is old. ...
Hoses connected to throttle body
Any hoses that would connect to a throttle body are either going to be for coolant or vacuum. In order to determine where the hoses go from the throttle body, I would recommend following them with a flashlight and or...
On cold starts my f250 goes into reverse fine. But after driving, it hangs up and then slams into reverse.
It is possible that an overheated solenoid could be causing this issue. When the solenoid is at room temperature at my function properly but once the transmission is heated up it may begin to malfunction. I would recommend having your...
Reverse light is on all the time
You may have a bad body control module also called fuse junction box. The module controls the lights and a scanner can check to see if the module is shorted or the input to box is causing light to stay...
My f150 bogs down to about 400 rpms when I put in reverse or drive and instantly goes back to normal idle
I would recommend having the transmission fluid flushed and replace fluid. The solenoids may need to be replaced if they are sticking.
The truck will go in reverse fine, but at every stop the transmission acts like it's in neutral. I have to rev the engine to get i
A faulty shift solenoid, and/or internal mechanical faults that cause clutch slippage, will usually set a trouble code and the check engine light will come on. Check for stored trouble codes but if there are no stored codes, a scan...
I have 2011 Licoln Navigator and when I stop I feel a jolt in
There's a possibility of this being engine or transmission related as, for example, a very abrupt, but delayed downshift can create the effect of "jolting". If it is not the engine or transmission, then the possibilities are chassis, suspension or...
How to reset HVAC on 2009 ford f150
If there is a fault in the HVAC control module, or associated body control module, a Ford scan tool is required to download the diagnostic trouble codes. Without the scan tool, the only re-set that you can do will affect...

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