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If there is voltage showing on a meter on the negative side of an injector what does that mean?
You should test injector wiring with it disconnected from injector and should put in a noid light to see if light blinks when turning over motor. If it blinks light then it is working as it should and then check...
I'm putting in a police interceptor motor from a Impala to a 2005 Monte Carlo but it has fly by wire
Prior to doing this work, you should confirm that the "new" vehicle configuration is certifiable insofar as Federal emissions law, that is if you intend to register the vehicle. Please see the relevant Federal EPA Engine Swap Guidance Document. California,...
My car will accelerate but won't drive or go in reverse. I also have an antifreeze leak as well. Does this automatically mean I ne
You should have it checked at least since it can be a bad shift cable or a bad transmission or low on fluid can all cause it not to go into gear.
I was driving on the freeway and suddenly my truck stopped accelerating I would try to accelerate and it sounded like if I was on
Check the fluid level in the transmission to rule out low fluid as a cause. If the truck moves in 4WD but not in other modes, the fault is in the transmission and/or transfer case. If there is lack of...
04 impala overheat changed waterpump n thermostat still overheat now stop running
At 200 thousand miles, the overheating could really be just about anything. But if you drove the car while it was overheating, there may have been some damage done that is causing your starting problem. Common causes of overheating are...
My car won't start after replacing the battery it use too crank right up until the battery completely died
Check to be sure that all the cabling between the battery and the starter is secure and all electrical contacts are clean. If the problem is simply no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully...
Wiper Motor gears
Hi James. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically when an inner component of the wiper motor is damaged, it's best to replace the entire wiper motor.
Persistent (other than at start-up) white smoke in the exhaust often occurs if coolant is leaking into the combustion chambers. Check your coolant level to get an indirect indication of whether that is occurring or not. If you have an...
05 Buick rendezvous won't start new battery new starter and alternator is good what could it be
You have not specified whether the starter motor works or not versus a circumstance where the engine does crank (turn over) but won't catch and run. I will cover both scenarios for you. Check to see if there are any...
Got a '05 chevy equinox Coolant thermostat malfunction code.
If you are referring to trouble code P0128, although a common cause is a faulty (often stuck open) thermostat, a problem in diagnosing this is other faults can cause the code as well. Check your actual engine operating temperature. Is...
06 Chevy equinox decreased power light and traction control light on
It is possible that you could be having an issue with your throttle body or throttle position sensor. Many traction control systems use the throttle body to reduce engine RPM in the event of slippage. I would recommend having your...
I have a 2004 impala. On the dash board it says high beams out. I have replaced the bulbs ,the multifunction switch
It is possible that there could be an issue with the wiring considering that everything else has been checked or replaced. I would recommend having the wiring tested with a digital multimeter to determine if the resistance is what it's...
Tightening a crank pulley bolt, but the whole crank is turning
The harmonic balancer must be held firmly in place by a Toyota special service tool (or equivalent) that engages with three M8 x 1.25 bolts that you thread into the central portion of the balancer. You can ONLY hold the...
My 1999 Chevrolet mini sport van shakes and runs rough while stopped but if I put it take it out of gear it smooths out
Rough idle could be due to a bad tank of gasoline, dirty fuel injectors, incorrect idle speed, exhaust restrictions, vacuum leaks, uneven cylinder compression, incorrectly installed or damaged spark plugs, a defective or clogged fuel pump or fuel filter, failing...
My brake pedal was locked up for a few minutes
The most common cause for a hard to press brake pedal is simply not enough vacuum. Any brake booster requires a minimum of 18” vacuum to operate efficiently. Anything less than that will contribute to the pedal being harder to...
Overheating issue brought into dealer want to take apart engine to check head gasket
If the dealer is stating to you that the engine is no longer overheating, and that there are no combustion gases in the coolant, it is not clear what the problem is that they are trying to resolve by taking...
water gets into my passenger side floor..i have a 05 chevy impala w/ a sunroof..everything inside my car is dry and shows no water
The water might be coming in through the front cowl and down the interior side of the firewall and thence to the floor. But, that is just one possibility and is speculative. The origin can be pinpointed though once the...
Heater blowing cold air
There is trapped air in the cooling system, blocking the flow of coolant to the heater core. There are air bleed valves on the cooling system that must be opened when re-filling the system. At this point, a resolution is...
Was driving car tcs came lost power and turn off now my car wont start and its been a day snice it happenec
Hi Debbie. Thanks for contacting us today. Sometimes, when a mechanical fault is recognized within the traction control system, it will trigger an OBD-II trouble code that illuminates the warning light. However, in some instances, it will also deactivate the...
What do i need to fix based off the codes placed in details
Trouble Code C0050 refers to the right rear wheel speed sensor circuit. The code likely means that either the sensor is faulty or the interconnecting wiring is open, shorted, or there is a high resistance. Tests are performed on the...

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