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Do your radio have something to do with your lights.?
You did not mention if it is inside dash lights or outside lights? Either way an electrical issue would need to have the fuses and switches in the light system checked for proper operation and power to and from them....
I want to replace the entire rear differential on my 93 f150 - not take it apart, just replace the entire differential assembly.
Replacing the differential as a complete assembly is a routine, indeed mundane, repair and so it is possible and quite practical. Insofar as cost effectiveness, the answer depends on exactly what is wrong with your existing differential, if anything. If...
My truck turns over and acts like it wants to start but doesn't and now the battery is dead.
It could be that all your trouble is in the battery-charging system. If the system voltage drops below about 10 volts. The electronics will not work correctly but you will still have enough voltage for the starter to turn. The...
Engine rebuild
Generally, a simple rebuild would include things like replacing rings, bearings, gaskets, having a valve job done and potentially replacing pistons and/or boring if needed, however even with doing much of the work on your own, you will likely be...
car over accelerates after tapping the gas pedal and keeps accelerating
You will need to have the carburetor checked to see if throttle is binding or throttle return spring have broken or come off. Check operation of the choke assembly to see if it is holding the throttle open causing the...
Where is the egr solenoid located on a 94 ford mustang gt
Most EGR solenoids on these engines are mounted on the back side of intake manifold. Follow the vacuum hose from the EGR valve and it will lead you direct to the EGR solenoid.
Carburetor help
It sounds like the idle circuit in the carburetor is functioning. Once engine speed increases, other circuits within the carburetor come into play, that is once you move the throttle plate. The issue might be in those other circuits. Fuel...
Driver side wheel noise. While driving making spinning grinding sound and when come to a stop a clunk.
An issue like this is possibly related to: brake system/rotor faults, wheel bearing failure, and/or axle failure. If and once those categories of failure are ruled out, then of course other components such as the differential and transmission would be...
I have a popping noise from front of my truck I replaced all bushings and ball joint it still does it when I brake any ideas?
"Popping" in the circumstances you describe is probably due to an abrupt movement of some part in the brake or suspension system. The "pop" occurs once the loose component hits a stop as you brake and vehicle weight shifts. The...
My truck won't start I put up the spark plugs there's a little bit of water but the water is not mixing with the oil
I would recommend having a physical inspection of your vehicle symptoms performed by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of this issue. Based on the symptoms there are multiple possibilities of this particular issue. Several tests may need...
Car will not go forward or reverse
It sounds like some mechanical damage may have occurred with your transmission. It is also possible that your shift linkage maybe damage preventing the vehicle from going into gear. I would recommend having your transmission inspected by a qualified transmission...
Engine "Locks" Periodically
Confirm that the engine turns freely by hand, using an appropriate socket and wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt. There are specified (published) turning resistances, with spark plugs removed, but you can feel by hand. If the engine turns over...
I need to know whats the caliber for sparkokugs on my mercedes benz 2004 clk 500
If you purchase the spark plugs that are cataloged for your year, make and model, the gap is preset and should not be adjusted. The gap should measure as .039 inches. If the gap is not .039 inches, then the...
Have a 1994 f150 2 door. Power steering whine for about 2 years. Finally decided to go to Autozone and get a new pump. Put it on a
I've been down that road a few times with other types of cars. You have taken the correct first steps, and I presume you are using the correct factory recommended fluid. If your truck has a pressure relief valve that...
I replaced my DCM unit but problem is only solved with Car in on position
Diagnosing this issue requires the Factory Service Manual and the wiring diagram at minimum. If the turn signal circuit is not working when the vehicle is on, and it is wired through this DCM, that circuit is simple enough that...
How much oil does 1970 Chevy c10 350 take?
With a filter change, the crankcase capacity is 6 quarts. If the filter is not changed add 5 quarts (the filter holds 1 quart). Note that you should check the dipstick and regardless of the specification do not maintain the...
No oil to rockers
If the pressure is too high and oil is not reaching the valve train, an oil passageway is blocked. You can further examine the area you worked in to see if any debris from the filter is blocking a visible...
1978 CJ5 304 Engine stars back firing after it warms up after a long drive on the highway it stars backfiring
If the supply of fuel to the carburetor is reduced once the engine is hot, you might have a vapor lock condition. You might evaluate the location of the fuel lines and relocate as needed. Backfiring is often caused by...
1994 f150, new maf but still won’t start with it plugged in, unplugged will start and run rough.
You need to verify that the MAF is correct one and then check the intake air temp sensor to see if replacing it helps since you have a code for it. If it still runs bad with MAF connected then...
Pulled out ignition fuse and put back, now Lexus isf won't turn over.
Removing the fuse while the circuit was powered might have caused the fuse to open. Both fuses should be tested for continuity. If the fuses are intact and they are securely installed but the car won't start, there's a possibility...

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