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1984 Chevy G10 Van 4.1 side of the alternator is hot. I parked it but now I get no power to ignition.
Some of these older vehicles have a fusible link in the wiring between the battery and the starter. It would be a thin wire - probably light gray or maybe black. While it looks like a regular wire, inside the...
Rapid clicking from starter full charged battery, good starter, good clutch switch, don't know where to go next. 76 nova
Rapid clicking is most likely from a defective starter or low battery voltage. Try jump starting to see if it helps and then check voltage at starter solenoid to see if it gets constant voltage when cranking or trying to...
250. In linw six,press on gas,doest do anything but sputter.hold down for about 30 seconds,then starts to come to life
The cause could be anything from a faulty accelerator pump plunger in the carburetor to an ignition timing advance fault. The fastest way to diagnose this is to scope the secondary firing patterns of each cylinder. That will help distinguish...
where can i found a rebuild kit for a inline 6
Hi Dakota. Thanks for contacting us today. I've always found Jegs and Summit Racing Equipment to be exceptional online marketplaces that sell older engine rebuild kits from multiple aftermarket and OEM manufacturers. You can also search online for GM-specific engine...
1984 Chevy c10, originally had a straight six. Now if I wanted to swap to a bigger engine, how would that effect emissions?
This is something you will need to contact your local emissions department about with your local department of motor vehicles. Emissions regulations vary by state and each state has various rules that govern the emissions requirements for vehicles.

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