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Q: Charging
You may have a failing voltage regulator that could be allowing the alternator to supply too much or too little amperage to the battery resulting in the battery never maintaining a consistent charge as it is designed to. The voltage...
My 2003 Mercury sable has a gas leak, can that affect its acceleration and rpm?
A fuel leak can cause a loss of power because this will cause the fuel pressure to decrease. However if the RPMs are increasing but the vehicle does not actually accelerate, this would indicate that the transmission is slipping. I...
1 headlight glows as if half voltage. replaced bulb-no change. Ground checks out.
Check the terminal/wire harness to the bulb for corrosion and loose connections. If nothing obvious appears, this fault is diagnosed by voltage drop testing which will pinpoint the segment of the circuit that has abnormally high resistance, thus causing the...
I have an engine code to replace the cylinder head temperature sensor. Do I also replace intake manifold gasket?
Hi Ebenezer. Thanks for writing in tonight to YourMechanic.com. I have forwarded your inquiry with our sales and service team to help streamline the process of receiving an accurate estimate to have one of our mobile mechanics replace the cylinder...
But my neighbor can put the vehicle. In reverse gear. And it will drive in reverse. So why he do that but will not drive in forwar
There is a possibility of a transmission linkage issue but a more likely explanation is an internal transmission fault and that could include anything from a faulty valve body to a broken band or clutch. Check the transmission fluid level....
My neighbor has a 2002 mercury sable and he press the pedal and it revved up but didn't move
It could be that the transmission has failed. Or it could be that there is a bad CV joint. either one will leave you stranded in place. If he has heard some knocking when he went around turns for a...
My service engine light went on 2 days ago. I have a 1999 mer sable with high mileage. Had oil changed 7 days ago what should I do
The two events (the oil change and the illumination of the service light) may just be pure coincidence and thus are not related. The fact that the check engine light came on means that diagnostic trouble code(s) were registered and...
Warning chime sounds with key out of ignition
If a device is powered, after it has been commanded off, the only way to find out where power is entering the circuit is through a circuit trace using the factory wiring diagram. A possibility is a stuck on relay...
I have 2004 Mercury Sable. It randomly stalls, after putting in gas, on hot days, will start after resting AC goes hot during buck
Hi Sandy. Thanks for all the information - it's very helpful to initially provide some technical advice. It appears as if you might have a few different things going on with your Mercury Sable. First, in regards to the engine...
Hey I have a 97mrecury Sable transmission speed sensor what is this
The transmission speed sensor is used as an input to the computer and instrument cluster speedometer to operate the speedometer and proper transmission shifting. If one of these sensors were bad may turn on check engine light, cause erratic shifting...
Will I have to take out the whole transmission or apart just to get to to that piece (transmission speed sensor
The output speed sensor is replaced from outside the transmission and is located on rear of transmission. No need to remove transmission.
05 Sable won't start. Turns over but won't fire. Fuel filter replaced, fuel pressure normal, car only starts with starting fluid.
Fuel pressure may be good but the injectors should be checked for operation. At cold start, there is a temperature sensor that must be working properly to signal the PCM to enrich the mixture on cold start. Are there any...
Does the harness for the leftrear light have anything to do with it not working
With one exception, the brake light circuit, wiring and harness, if defective, will only affect the operation of the brake lights. The one exception is if the brake light switch, which is part of the brake light circuit, is defective...
Front Strut Mount Replacement
You can get a complete strut replacement that comes with the strut, spring and the top strut mount. You can get the individual pieces but recommend to replace complete usit and then have an alignment.
my 2005 mercury sable platinum addition LS has a knock in the eingen but it starts good
A clicking or ticking noise is often from the valve train and possible causes are component wear and/or inadequate lubrication due to low engine oil pressure. If you hear a knocking noise that is more typical of lower end faults...
I have an Mercury Sable 2001 and when I put my car in reverse it goes forward. I have a leak but I don’t know where it’s coming
Assuming the vehicle has an automatic transmission, there is a park or neutral switch on the transmission that impacts the functioning of the shift solenoids within the transmission. When this is not working properly, this may cause the vehicle to...
Passing gear
You should have the computer scanned and transmission linkage checked to see if the system has codes stored for transmission and shift linkage is not damaged and adjusted properly.
2000 Mercury Sable. Car is not getting any RPM. Wont get over 10-20 MPH.
Your vehicle has entered what is referred to as "limp mode" due to an engine or transmission-related failure. Often, the failure is in a sensor or electrical control type component. The first thing to do is check and see if...
I have a 2002 mercury sable with about 128 thousand miles on it, The last few times I have started the engine cold the rpm goes up
My guess is that you have a vacuum leak. Check all of the rubber parts and hoses to make sure they are connected and in good condition. Any air that gets into the engine without going through proper channels can...

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