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Van stalling - 1993 Chevrolet G30
Have your fuel pressure checked with the engine running, as well as checking for a dirty throttle body. Running out of gas may have stirred up sediment in the tank which has somehow found its way to the fuel injectors....
Brakes grab and lock up occasionally - 1990 Chevrolet G30
Make sure the brake pushrod has some freeplay, how ever small. Also check the "check valves" on the hydroboost system to make sure they are releasing residual pressure appropriately.
Rough idling - 1990 Chevrolet G30
This could be an issue with a blown head gasket. This would require a professional mechanic to check engine compression as well. This can occur without causing oil/coolant mixing. If you are still having trouble, a certified technician from YourMechanic...
Engine revving, backfiring, cannot accelerate past 40 mph - 1990 Chevrolet G30
The poor performance and backfiring through the intake you mention are signs of a "lean" condition - not enough fuel for the amount of air flowing through the engine. You may have a vacuum leak or Idle Air Control valve...
Overheating and cutting off while driving
If the engine is overheating to the point where it's shutting off and blowning coolant out of the tailpipe, you have a bad situation. A failed distributor or cracked coil may cause the engine to stall when warmed up. Consider...
squeaking noise from driver side wheel/door area
Hello. It sounds like you have an issue with the suspension of the vehicle. Most of the time when this occurs it is caused by worn out suspension bushings or ball joints. These areas move and flex when going over...
vehicle violently shakes when you first start driving then smooths out after 5-10 miles down the road.
Hi there. It seems that the wheel bearings are most likely to be your issue. Even though the wheel bearing seems to be in good shape, it could be dry of grease. Suspension parts and the carrier bearing will not...
Car died instantly while driving, found a plug wire off, won't start now
Depending on which plug wire came off, this may have been the plug that runs from the distributor to the ignition coil. If this is the case, this would have eliminated the distributor's ability to send ignition spark to any...
Installed a new 4180 e transmission less than 12,000 miles line blue and drop fluids on Highway burnt up clutches and band. Would
It sounds like you may have damaged more than just the clutches since it was starved of fluid it most likely damaged internal bearings and sun gears with the clutches and other components. I would recommend getting a rebuilt transmission....
Where can i find a 12" air cleaner cover cover
If this is the factory air cleaner assembly then I suggest looking for it on ebay or at a salvage yard. Otherwise you would need to replace the entire unit with an aftermarket one.
I need a hose for a valve exhaust to the air filter cleaner
You can go to Lowes or Homedepot and get a dryer vent hose and use it if your local parts store cannot get it. Make sure to get the aluminum type so it can handle the heat from the exhaust....
I have a 1995 chevy g30 6.5L diesel mini school bus. It wont shift into 2nd unless I floor it.
First check to see if an AAMCO warranty is in effect. Failure to shift could be caused by a faulty shift solenoid, other valve body defect, a defective clutch or clutch piston, internal hydraulic leaks and, as you know, external...
Motorhome will not start.
Hi Martiza. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, we're unable to help here, as we only offer repair and service tips for consumer cars, light trucks and SUV's sold in the United States. You might find better help by consulting...

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