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Possible cause: loss of oil consistently whether driving or not ( puddle if the vehicle has sat thru weekend)
This suggests you may have a leak resulting from a failing gasket somewhere in your engine. As you know, there are many different places in your motor that are sealed by gaskets. I would suggest narrowing this down by placing...
My 2001 Ford f250 super duty 5.7L Triton V8 as I'm driving it acts like it ran out of gas
You may be right that there is a problem in the wiring, but I'm going to guess that you have an open ground wire. The wiring harness will have several locations where a wire comes out of the harness and...
Unable to remove starter bolts...jb welded.
If the bolt threads are "welded" to the female threads in the hole (whether via JB weld or rust), you have no choice but to just drill it out as best you can. The bolt is probably hardened steel (if...
So that ground issue would cause it to keep burning computers and if the mechanic wasn't compitant he wouldn't think to fix the sh
High resistance grounds or "poor connections" are different than a dead short. To know whether or not a specific short circuit, in wiring or a device, could potentially damage the PCM, it is necessary to know exactly where in the...
How can I reset my engine hours on my 2016 f250
On the steering wheel is an Information Display button. Toggle to "Info". Go into "Setup" and you will be able to scroll to the setup panel for engine hours. You can then reset the hours through the menu. In the...
Still not able to reset the engine hours on my 2016 f250 the menu does not give you an option
The information provided yesterday was sourced from the actual 2016 F-250 Owner's Manual. In terms of scan tools, a Ford IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) scan tool is the current tool that would have that capability. Due to the high cost...
My steering Binds up and got stuck once what could it be
The problem most likely is in the steering gear box control valve. It is part of the gear box. Try to jack up and support the front tires and with engine off try and see if the wheels can be...
2003 f250 6.0L crank, wants to start
Check for any available (downloadable) diagnostic trouble codes. If the WIF (water in fuel) warning light is presently on, check for contaminated fuel. With no contamination, if the light comes on and off, the sensor might be faulty. Two other...
after charging battery and reconnecting it alarm went on and truck would not go on 99 f-250
Faulty batteries can sometimes appear fully charged. It doesn't take much in the way of a voltage drop for some alarm systems to malfunction, that is go into alarm status. Consequently, it is best to load test the battery to...
Rough idle 1999 f 250 super duty
If the check engine light is on, but literally no codes are present, the meaning of that would have to be looked into. On your model, there is a possibility that that signifies a defective PCM. Generally, in a diesel...
I have a 2008 f250 with a 6.4 diesel. I have the updated hoses on it. I moved the top hose at the radiator and I heard pressure re
Your best indication of the efficiency, and condition, of the cooling system is the engine operating temperature. If the operating temperature is in the "normal" range for your engine, then you need not worry. As far as the generation of...
Hi, I just replaced the alternator and now I’m driving and it’s not changing gears, ford diesel...helpp
Hi Letty. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If you've completed the alternator replacement yourself, and have a professional digital scanner, I would start by downloading any stored error codes as it's possible that your transmission has entered a 'limp mode',...
Replaced the glow plugs and glow plug relay in 1999 f250 superduty, replaced the battery, still won’t start
Lack of fuel (or contaminated fuel) and/or low cylinder compression are possibilities. If you want a quick resolution, the recommended service would be a no start diagnostic and that diagnostic, and any required repairs, can be performed on a mobile...
I'm changing the starter on my Ford F250 200g 5.4 gas, I'm having a hard time getting to he top bolts, best way to get access?
The best way to get at the top bolt is to use a ratchet with a long extension and come at it from the engine side. About 8 inches of extension should do the trick.
transmission judder putting into reverse
The transmission misoperation in reverse is probably related to hydraulic pressure control, in particular "excursions" in pressure and that, in turn can be due to faulty solenoids, valve body faults (wear), faults in the electrical control circuits, internal hydraulic leaks...
P0684 glow plug control circuit light on?
The codes do not necessarily mean the glow plugs themselves are faulty. And, in any event, glow plugs are easily tested and should be tested prior to replacement so you don't inadvertently replace good parts. Other causes of the codes...
On cold starts my f250 goes into reverse fine. But after driving, it hangs up and then slams into reverse.
It is possible that an overheated solenoid could be causing this issue. When the solenoid is at room temperature at my function properly but once the transmission is heated up it may begin to malfunction. I would recommend having your...
Could a F-250 have the truck bed removed and an overcab box from a used box truck attached?
Without doing some measurements of the frame mounts on box and truck I would have to say it would not fit since the van has a different frame versus the truck. I would suggest you have a shop that does...
Can you tell me what part number is the wear sleeve that you referred to when replacing the front crankshaft oil seal?
Fel-Pro (a main vendor) does not appear to have a catalog entry for your specific application (the 6.4L diesel). Make sure that you really do need a sleeve and also rule out the possibility of a very slight, but carefully...
If I put headers on my 2017 F-250 6.2L does it have to be reprogr
If the operation of the engine is altered by the addition of the headers, such that re-programming is necessary, the headers would be illegal to install. Under Federal and state vehicle emissions law, aftermarket headers are only legal to retrofit...

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