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2002 suburban sounds like an air leak coming from the back of the block its very loud like screaming sound after about a week its
Hi John. Thanks for contacting us today. It's quite possible that you have an exhaust manifold or exhaust system leak that is causing the noise. That is typically what causes the noise you are describing.
Throttle body unit
There is a re-learn procedure and that procedure can be performed by a mechanic on a mobile basis, right at your location if you request a service appointment. If the re-learn does not resolve the high idle issue, the same...
My 2008 suburban tends to idol up when applying my break. What would cause it to do that?!?
Hi Mandy. Thanks for submitting your question tonight. An unusually high idle is typically caused by one of four things. First and most common is a problem with the idle control valve - which is a part of the fuel...
At first when I stop I heard grinding noises, one day I tried to stop but my foot went straight to the floor and I couldn't becaus
You did not mention replacing the leaking component like the caliper? If you had a leak there then replace the leaking component and then bleed the brakes to see if pedal will pump up? If it still goes to floor...
Brakes still touching the floor
If the pedal goes to the floor, there is a leak, air trapped in the system, a possibly defective master cylinder and/or severely bulging flexible rubber hoses at one or more wheel positions. To determine which of these faults is...
Traction On/Stabili trac on while driving
Hi Shan. Thanks for contacting us today. To be honest, this is a very weird issue you're describing. In most cases, however, these problems are often caused by a faulty speed or wheel sensor, that sends false data to the...
I have changed the thermostat and temperature sensor. Bled hoses. Wasn't overheating before now it is. PLEASE help. :(
With the thermostat installed, if the coolant temperature, as measured at the sensor in the engine head/block, is in the range of 195 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the car is not overheating. Coolant temperature can be read off of an...
Replaced rear caliper that was stuck. Also changed the rotor and brake pads, now when I step on the brakes, they still go all the
If there is air trapped in the brake hydraulic lines, the brakes will be ineffectual. If your car is equipped with any form of ABS system, you will need a bi-directional scan tool to remotely actuate the ABS pump to...
What type and brand of oil should I use in my 2008Chevrolet suburban LTZ? Over 100k miles
The vehicle calls for synthetic oil that provides better protection and should be on your oil cap indicating the proper weights and the brand should not matter as long as it meets GM standards on the oil cap or in...
False "open rear access door open" msg. And lights aren't coming on inside when rear door really does open? Can this be reset
Hi Jasmine. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, this error message is activated when there is a failure of the rear door sensor. Sometimes an exposed electrical wire that is connected to the sensor can cause this to...
why does my brake pedal go all the way down only when its on
There is air in the system, a hydraulic leak, bulging hoses, or the master cylinder is defective. The operation of the power assist, when you turn the engine on, just makes the effect of the underlying causative failure (trapped air,...
Gas pedal unresponsive 2007 suburban
I would suggest checking for vacuum leaks as this may cause the MAP sensor to malfunction. In addition, you may want to check for proper fuel pressure as this may also cause issues with idling and the MAP sensor functioning...
Oil on my starter
As you know, there are many different places in your motor that are sealed by gaskets. I would suggest narrowing this down by placing a piece of cardboard underneath the vehicle when parking it at night to test for a...
Q: Shocks or struts
Hi Greg. Thanks for contacting us today. The basic rule of thumb is that shocks last about twice as long as struts. However, as a vehicle ages, the shocks take on more abuse. It's always best practices to replace the...
code P0102, p0300, p1515 Chevy
If these codes, and the reduced power, occurred immediately after the throttle body service, the throttle position sensor outputs should be confirmed. You may see a yellow wire from the throttle body. That wire has been reported to often develop...
reduced engine in my chevy 2000 subrban
It is possible that you could have a check engine light. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of this issue. If there is a check engine light getting the trouble...
I replaced my fuel pump on my 04 suburban but it still will not crank. Could this mean my new fuel pump is bad?
A bad fuel pump is only one of many reasons why a truck might not start. The way to test a fuel pump is to put a pressure gauge on the fuel rail and measure the fuel pressure and volume....
i have a 2004 chevy suburban with the 5.3l vortec. i recently noticed while under the truck that my bell housing cap was missing.
Hi Frank. Thanks for contacting us today. In a situation like this, it's really best to flush the differential fluid correctly by removing the rear cover. Here is a video that shows how to complete this process.
I bought a 4 pack of CO2 sensors for my Chevrolet Suburban. I want to install myself. does it matter which one goes where?
Hi Koby. Thanks for the question today. For GM engines, the O2 sensors are different based on whether they are upstream or downstream. You should refer to the service and repair manual for your 2003 Chevrolet Suburban and follow the...
2005 Z71 Suburban has a slight vibration while accelerating, what could be the cause?
The origin of the vibration could be in any rotating component (tires, wheels, bearings, drive shafts, harmonic balancer, etc.) and, in addition, defects in motor mounts as well as engine operation faults are sometimes relevant. There are frequency domain analyzers...

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