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when I open my door my interior lights won’t turn on.
You may have a problem with the interior lighting module or light switch is in wrong position. You will need to have the system scanned using a scanner that can see the interior light module and all the different door...
a Chevy Cruze 2011 and when I stop at a red like or when the areis not moving and I get ready to accelerate its hesitation
Hi Nawaza. Thanks for contacting us today. The Chevrolet Cruze isn't well known for its acceleration ability. However, this could be a sign of a rather signification fuel system obstruction or even transmission problems. I would recommend having a professional...
Reverse Gear Issue
Harsh gear engagement is due to an internal transmission fault. Among the possible scenarios are internal hydraulic leaks, or out of range line pressure. Hydraulic force is what effects shifting and if the "force" is delayed, too high, or applied...
I recently replaced the clutch plate of my Toyota Corolla Altis 2011. It is still very hard.
Hi Sahil. Thanks for contacting us today. If the clutch plate alone was replaced, it's possible that either the clutch is not correctly adjusted or the faulty component is something different. It's best practices to replace the entire clutch pack...
Code 420 on 98 Corolla.
If the converter is functioning, the voltage output from the downstream oxygen sensor should be somewhat steady at around half a volt. What you seeing in the car with the P0420 code is a high-low voltage signal from the downstream...
Engine rattling whenever the car is on. Cant go above 20 mph
The issue you are writing in about is common enough that a specific diagnostic, namely a reduced engine power diagnostic is performed by technicians dispatched by YourMechanic. If you request that diagnostic, the responding certified mechanic will get this issue...
Only see appointments for tomorrow. Looking for someone for today. Need alternator installed. I already have the part.
Hi...I have referred your question to the Customer Service Department. But, if you would please also call Customer Service directly at 1-844-249-6752 you will be able to obtain a faster answer.
my 2015 Corolla vibrates when accelerating at 20-23mph. I put it in the Toyota shop 3 times. They said its normal. :(. Is it norma
The vibration is not normal and probably reflects an imbalance in a rotating engine or transmission component. Once engine speed and gear, at the time of the vibration, is known, that might help to narrow the diagnostic and in a...
On your vehicle there are temperature sensors in the HVAC system, engine air induction, engine cooling, radiator fan control and elsewhere. If you are having difficulty with any of those components, please request service and the responding certified mechanic will...
Just replace timing chain now im getting missfires codes
If the valve timing is off by a tooth or so, you might be able to detect that by checking the level of intake manifold vacuum. Intake vacuum will often read on the low side and maybe out of range...
replaced temp sensor and fans dnt turn on
Hi Selene. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It's quite possible that you've got a damaged relay or a ground that isn't correctly attached if the fan turns with physical 'stimulation' but not automatically. However, this could also be an ECU...
Could my a/c stop working after being rearended in a 2015 Honda Civic? Service King says no, Honda says maybe
In your circumstance, once the exact cause of the present a/c malfunction is pinpointed, you will know for sure whether "cause and effect" applies. In particular, for there to be a "connection", that is cause and effect between the crash...
Car starts and runs . When I first start it I get fuel intake and plenty of RPM but if I put it in gear no movement and no RPM
It is possible that you have an electronic throttle body that is malfunctioning once the vehicle is put into gear. It is also possible that there is an issue with the transmission itself. I would recommend having your transmission inspected...
Hello. I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra with the ESC and EPS lights on the dash. What do I need to do? Please help me.
Hi Chikedra. Thanks for contacting us today. The ECS warning light indicates an issue with the electronic stability control system, while the EPS is related to the electronic power steering system on your Elantra. In order to determine why these...
Car stalls when idle but there is no check engine light.
You may need to have the computer monitored while driving to see if there is problems in the transmission or computer sensors? Some aftermarket scanners cannot access all systems and may need to have a more advanced scanner to do...
Hi , my 2012 Honda Civic Sedan taillights are not turning on. My break lights are fine but I need help locating the right fuses.
There are quite a few components in the taillight circuit and so the fuse is just a possibility. Also, if a fuse has blown, there is usually an underlying condition on the circuit because the purpose of a fuse is...
Which 02 sensor?
If you car is having idling problems, an oxygen sensor might not be the answer. Most often I find engine idle problems to be caused by vacuum leaks or throttle body problems. If you are determined to replace an Oxygen...
Rough idle. P0304 and P0353 codes.
Hi Steve. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, these two codes (one from cylinder 3 and 4) are caused by a failed ignition coil or a faulty electrical connection. The first thing I'd do is double check your...
Need the ECU replaced in my car
Anytime the CEL is allowed to be continuously on you will never be informed of any vehicle malfunctions if and as they arise and they will arise. That circumstance alone means any decision about re-programming is a moot issue (you...

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