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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Chrysler Town & Country
While the Chrysler Town & Country has been in production for over half a century, the 2012 Chrysler Town & Country is anything but old-fashioned. The model got a huge overhaul...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You’re a Massage Therapist
If you're a massage therapist, one of the cornerstones of your business has to be that you don’t keep your clients waiting. That means you need a vehicle that’s reliable. You...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You’re an Interior Designer
As an interior designer, you need to transport a great many different items, including fabric, paint and wallpaper samples and sometimes even furniture items. You probably don’t handle overly large loads very...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You're a Rock Climber
If you’re a rock climber, you want a vehicle that gets you where you need to go, even if the terrain gets rough. You may be living out of your vehicle at...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You’re a Caterer
If you are in the catering business, you need a reliable vehicle that will provide you with what you need to transport your food, linens, and other supplies. Generally speaking, you're better off...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You’re a Vet
The best car for a vet to own largely depends on the type of practice he or she has. Large animal vets are probably going to want something that delivers a fair...

Related questions

Does the Chrysler 4.0 V6 have a timing belt that must be changed?
Hi Stephen. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The 4.0-liter V6 engine has a timing belt that needs to be changed every 100,000 miles.
I have a 1996 Chrysler Town and country 3.8 liter engine in the beginning I was experiencing lack of power it would only go about
Hi Yvette. Thanks for contacting us tonight. I would recommend is to have a professional mechanic come to your location to complete a car is hard to start inspection. This will permit them to download the error codes that are...
My upper radiator hose is swollen and my cap is leaking slightly. I just recently tightened my valve cover and oil pan.
Generally, the radiator cap will leak combined with a hose swelling due to the cooling system not flowing properly and often times causing the motor to overheat. Overheating can be caused by a number of things such as low coolant...
the sliding door lock in frozen in the locked position is this an indicator that the actuator needs replaced?
There is a motor in the lock actuator. Premature wearout of the motor is a known reported issue. The testing consists of ensuring that power is being delivered to the actuator, that is ensuring that the electrical connections to the...
1.Van shakes only when backing up. 2. While driving, van will not change gears.
Hi Arthur. Thanks for contacting us today. One thing that could cause both of these issues is a blown or leaking inner transmission seal. Since the automatic transmission works as a hydraulic unit, any leaks can cause inconsistent operation of...
Van is overheating, going thru 2 gallons of coolant a week, cold out of heater while still/heat out at low speed.
Based on your description it sounds like the overheating is accompanied by a coolant leak. Coolant leaks can be either a cause OR a consequence of overheating. Be sure not to drive the car if it is overheating because overheating...
Where is the OK buttom to turn blind spot monitor on or off?
There is no "OK" button, rather you use the "select" button which appears as an arrow indicator that points to the right. The procedure to turn the BSM system on and off, and select the various options, is explained on...
My 01 t&c died after the abs,and air.bag light came on i had to jump it prior to this
Hi W P. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases like you've described, the root issue is that the alternator is either faulty, beginning to wear out or electrical wires or connections to the battery or other charging system...
car showing codes P0133 and P2096.
Based on those two codes, it is likely that your gas mileage has decreased somewhat even though you might not notice any operational problems. P0133 means that the rate of response of the oxygen sensor voltage output on bank one...
I have a 2001 Chrysler town
Hi Vadim. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide an answer you're looking for. We only provide repair and service advice for OEM solutions, meaning that the only transmission replacement we'd recommend would be from...
all indicators on dash are lit up on 2012 Chrysler town and country
It is possible that your alternator could have fauled. Many warning lights and other electrical issues will occur during alternator failure sometimes. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of this...
2011 Chrysler town
Hi David. Thanks for contacting us today. When a fuel pump stays running, it's typically due to an open electrical fuel pump relay or an electrical short within the system. The first step in diagnosing this problem is checking the...
What's the average cost of replacing a bent connection rod?
A bent connecting rod does not just happen and may have been caused by a timing chain problem and the valves got bent when they hit the piston and may have bent the rods. You would need to have the...
The minivan is swinging left and right from the rear...when parked, you can move the back of the minivan left and right with one h
If the rear of the vehicle is not stable, there might be a loose or broken suspension component. If you suspect that is the case, it's probably not wise to drive the car until it is inspected and, if necessary,...
Vehicle will Intermittently Stall or sputter after start up RPMS will die - Occasionally will not accelerate past 60kmph-3kRPM
Immediate stalling after starting the engine can be caused by a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty engine coolant temperature switch/sensor (typically at cold start only), faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark plugs, wires or defective ignition coil(s), inadequate...
Can putting a EverStart Marine Battery, Group 24MS - 1000 CA in my van damage it? If so, how?
The battery you installed is a 12 volt battery and although the cranking amps rating of the battery you have applies to a higher temperature (marine environments are typically relatively warm environments) at 1,000 MCA (marine cranking amps), that is...
Car will turn over but won't start town and country
Hi Adrienne. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, when an engine will crank over but will not start, the fault is with an ignition timing or fuel system component. This can range from crankshaft and cam position sensors...
My car want start turns over strong but want start
A possibility is a failed fuel pump. You can easily check for fuel pressure on the fuel rail to rule that out but if there is adequate fuel pressure you have to further test the fuel injectors to determine if...
Replaced oxygen sensors, but code P0135 still visible, 2001 chrysler, town
The code P0135 does not necessarily mean that the oxygen sensor itself is faulty. The fault may lie in the circuit to or from the sensor. Trouble codes will set if the computer detects out of range data but the...
My chrysler town and country stops accelerating sometimes while I'm driving on the highway
The lack of response to the accelerator pedal has quite a few potential causes that would have to be sorted out in a diagnostic including, just as a few examples, plugged fuel injectors, faulty oxygen sensors, fuel pump and/or filter,...

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