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1997 Lexus GX stuck in ACC mode the ingintion will not turn fully
Hello there. Typically when the ignition key is stuck in the ACC position, it's due to an obstruction inside the ignition cylinder, a faulty brake switch (which would also cause issues shifting out of park) or a damaged ignition cylinder....
Why did my tachometer light and check engine light go on at same time?
You will need to have the computer scanned to get the stored codes. You may have a bad sensor.
1998 Lexus es300. Can no engine compression mean bad computer and not engine replacement?
An engine computer cannot control, or affect, "basic" engine mechanical compression, that is the level of cylinder compression measured in a static test. Even in the complete absence of any engine computer, the basic specified compression of an engine will...
have 2 codes that came up on my lexus which are the b1s1 b2s1
Both of these sensors are the upstream O2 sensors. I would caution you on replacing both sensors if you have lean or rich codes for both sensors at the same time since the engine may have other problems that can...
How mamy converters does a 1998 Lexus es300 have and what are the corrects names? I was told they have 3.
The one closest to radiator is bank 1 sensor 1. The one by firewall near manifold is bank 2 sensor 1. The one at Y pipe is bank 1 sensor 2. Your vehicle has only 3 convertors.
I have a 1996 lexus es300 after it rains my car will not move it. It starts but wnt move after a while what could be the problem?
Hi Shantay. If you are able to start the vehicle, but then it shuts off, the issue might be due to an exposed electrical wire underneath the vehicle or under the hood. If you can start the car but it's...
I have a 99 Lexus es300 . My car won't go into D , N , R only L . It just happened randomly and the diagonistic doesnt say trnmisn
You should first check the fluid level to make sure it is full. If it is full then the transmission is not producing pressure and may have a defective front transmission pump. The pressures will need to be checked on...
Car jerking and gas smell and loud noise
The most important issue is the fuel odor which signifies either a leak (vapor or liquid) or engine misfiring. A leak is potentially disastrous, especially if you park in an enclosed space such as a garage where vapors can accumulate....
Hello, I have a 2002 Lexus es300. It has been sitting for about 4 months. We replaced the battery and noticed the speedometer, odo
If you're really lucky, you may have popped a fuse that powers the instrument panel. I would start in the fuse panel and then retrace my steps to be sure that everything is properly connected at the battery. If you...
My car won't stop unless I floor the brake pedal. Brake Check replaced the booster, and the brakes locked up. 5000 rpms just to go
Hi there. The best advice I can offer is to let a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a brake system inspection as soon as possible. There are too many possible issues to list, especially possible ABS control,...
Car is having issues going into gear
It is possible that you could be having some issues with the transmission itself. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional who specializes in transmission Diagnostics to determine the exact cause of this issue.
car start,new fuel filter leaks gas,why?
Hi Morn. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, a fuel filter will leak if it's not properly installed, installed backwards or if the connection fittings are not secure because the filter is the wrong size. It will stop...
I have a 1996 Lexus Es 300. This morning on the way to work the battery light came on and the radio went off.
I would suggest having the alternator checked to determine if it is receiving the proper amount of voltage from something called the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator regulates the charging voltage that the alternator produces, keeping it between 13.5 and...
Your car has six spark plugs, three on each "side" or "bank" of the engine. To obtain a detailed, written estimate of the cost to replace those 6 plugs, please use YourMechanic's spark plug replacement service page. To have the...
my car rpm goes too high car resevers slow replace the the fr axle and put tran fluid by the problem still there
Be sure to confirm the fluid level in the transmission. If the level of fluid is too high, that is not good as air will get entrained in the fluid, making it ineffectual for adequate bearing lubrication. Shifting might be...
my car idle too high whining when accelerating and car hesitates going in reverse
If the fluid level in the transmission is too high or too low that can cause the transmission to malfunction. The fluid level should be corrected and then the transmission re-evaluated. With regard to the high idle, In the majority...
Need a new outer tire rod
No those other parts should not need to be replaced in order to replace the outer tie rod ends or inner tie rod ends. Tie rod ends can be replaced independently of other suspension parts.
Q: Starts then dies
A few different things will usually cause the vehicle to start and then die. A bad ignition coil can cause this if it is beginning to fail, resulting in intermittent starting problems. A dirty or faulty mass air flow sensor,...
Car wont shift out of park and automatic lights wont come on automatically anymore just changed battery and alternator
Both problems are likely electrical failures but they may involve separate faults, that is unrelated circuits. A failure to shift out of park often involves either a brake light switch failure (do your brake lights come on? If not, the...
I have a Lexus ES300 2003, It makes a very loud noise when I drive it.
The exhaust may have a bad flex pipe and leaking exhaust and should have the system inspected.

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