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Why does my car keep jerking and trying to shut off
This problem of erratic idle speed is often referred to as "surging" or "hunting". The causes include a faulty idle air control valve or circuit (IAC), a faulty ECM (not common), faults in the fuel pump control circuit, defective spark...
losing all oil fast
Hi Lori. Thanks for contacting us today. It really depends on the source of the oil leak, but typically, when you lose oil that quickly, it will cause internal damage just as quick. This will likely require an engine rebuild...
Need help with 4wd in 02 Sequoia
If there is a grinding noise, there is a mechanical problem that should be diagnosed and resolved before further damage is caused. It is unclear if the warning lights are related to the noise, however, the existence of the warning...
Having trouble with 4wd
It is possible that there could be a warranty related issue with your transfer case considering it was replaced very recently. I might recommend that you take the vehicle to the place that we replaced the transfer case and ask...
2002 suburban sounds like an air leak coming from the back of the block its very loud like screaming sound after about a week its
Hi John. Thanks for contacting us today. It's quite possible that you have an exhaust manifold or exhaust system leak that is causing the noise. That is typically what causes the noise you are describing.
How much will it cost to have a shop replace the freeze plugs in between the trans and engine block on my 2002 dodge ram 1500 4.7L
The labor to just remove and install the transmission is 4.5 hours and then add one hours labor to do the one freeze plug on back of motor and an additional 1/2 hour for each additional freeze plug. You may...
Wire for Check Engine Light was cut
The check engine light bulb should have one 12 volt hot wire that is run in parallel to other bulb lights. You can check for battery voltage between that wire (if you believe you have identified it) and ground. The...
My 2002 saturn vue loses speed going up hill what could it be
Hi Evanie. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Generally speaking, acceleration issues while climbing are typically caused by ignition system parts or fuel system components that are worn out or clogged with excessive carbon deposits. Essentially, the engine struggles to correctly...
2002 Jeep Wrangler engine cranks and takes a while to start, a few times refused to start, replaced spark plugs coils wires etc
I would recommend having the fuel pressure tester to determine if the fuel system is contributing to the issues you are experiencing. It is possible that the fuel pump could be getting weak not allowing enough fuel flow to the...
having a leak problem
Coolant can leak from hoses, the radiator, the water pump, thermostat housing and so forth. I recommend that you request a cooling system leak diagnostic and the responding certified mechanic will get the leak or leaks repaired. With regard to...
My 2002 Toyota Tacoma has 230,000 miles on it . All of a sudden it's making a loud growling noise
Hi Renee. Thanks for contacting us today. Usually, this type of noise is an indication of a damaged steering rack or power steering pump. It is also possible that other suspension components or even a leak in the exhaust manifold...
My 2002 Ford escort zx2 want move in drive but it Will in reverse, I checked the trans fluid and it was dirty and look like it was
Hi Gus. Thanks for the question today. Typically when this issue occurs in snow conditions, it can be as simple as excessive ice or snow built-up on a shift solenoid or sensor, while in other instances, it can indicate an...
starts,but no drive or reverse trans fluid clean
Check the fluid level, not just the condition. If the fluid level is too high, it might reflect lack of hydraulic pressure. Check the shift linkage cable and manual level on the transmission case. What you are describing can be...
While driving & without warning, my van will suddenly turn off.
Hi Karl. Thanks for contacting us today. What you are describing is arguably one of the hardest items to diagnose, but is typically caused by an electrical short. In some cases, a loose wire to an ignition system component, such...
will 2003 Saab 93 convertible ecu shut off engine if low oil pressre, some articles say yes some say no.,
Your vehicle will not shut down automatically if oil pressure or the level of oil is low. The owner's manual states that the vehicle must be turned off manually (and quickly) if either circumstance occurs. Please note, the instant the...
One click in car won’t start Volvo S60 2.4t
Considering that all those parts were just replaced I would recommend retracing your steps to determine if any loose connections exist anywhere. If the battery connections are loose this can cause the vehicle to make a click sound but not...
Everything under my hood is new and my car won't start
Without additional diagnosis on the vehicle to check to see if the charging system is working correctly to recharge the battery or if the battery is having an electrical draw on it making it go dead will be hard to...
I have a 2002 pt cruiser can I put a 2005 engine in it
Hi Kenneth. Thanks for sending in your question tonight. This type of swap is not recommended, as there are different fuel and ignition system components that would require fabrication to link with the existing ECU. In order to swap this...
Brake,blinker,hazards don’t work
Hi Cyrus. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The only item that would cause all of these to fail would be a damaged electrical relay or an exposed electrical wire in the steering column or behind the dash. In most cases,...
car makes loud noise at start up
Hi Drew. Thanks for the question. First, the engine oil should probably be changed by a professional mechanic. This will allow them to inspect the oil and filter to see if there is any contaminant in the oil (like coolant...

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