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I have a 2002 honda civic I recently just replaced the alternator and the battery and on my way home thw abs light came on and the
Hi Rachel. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In situations like you've described, the most common source of the issue is that an electrical wire involved in the alternator or charging system. The ABS light is likely not related to the...
After doing a head gasket on a 2002 3.9 Dakota, how long will it take after starting it will it take to start to run normally?
Unless your repair involved replacement or modification of engine controls, such as the IAC valve or throttle position sensor, the instant you start the truck after replacing just a, or both, head gaskets, the engine should operate normally. If the...
Ok so update I had my 2002 gmc envoy scan for codes to see if any news ones would appear also before that was done I went to YouTu
Trouble codes are not a diagnostic. All the codes represent are clues and occasionally the codes are far off the mark and you even have cases where codes will set simply as a consequence of another code (that is once...
I just put a brand new battery in but the car won’t start unless it is jumped
Not all "new" batteries are fully charged. Be sure the battery is actually fully charged. If it is fully charged and yet there is no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that...
While driving, car power steering stopped working. It got tight. Brakes,gas stopped working. 4 way flashers lights started blinkin
This is an electrical malfunction and is what is referred to as a "global" malfunction. That means a principal circuit, or circuits, was interrupted obviously on an intermittent basis. Battery terminal corrosion is possibly implicated at least as a contributing...
I just replaced my lower control arm on the passenger aide of my 2002 ford escape and now after doing that my steering wants to je
The problem sounds like the steering rack and pinion mounts are worn and causing the entire rack and pinion to shift side to side. Check and replace the mounts for rack and get alignment.
My fob batery is new but i cannot open my call
Hi March. Thanks for contacting us today. There are two reasons why this is likely happening. Either the battery is installed backward, or the key fob needs to be reprogrammed. You can refer to your owner manual of your 2002...
Traction Control light cuts on and off and my car will not accelerate over 40mph
If the traction control light has come on, there may be stored trouble codes and those codes will help resolve this. The loss of power you are experiencing may just be coincidental to the rear brake work. If the rear...
I have a bad idle when the car heats up, it goes into drive and then shakes whenever I stop. The maf and iMac have been cleaned.
The causes of rough idle and poor operation include vacuum leaks and EGR system faults, a faulty idle air control (IAC) valve or circuit, faults in the fuel pump control circuit, defective spark plug(s) or ignition system components, faulty fuel...
I have a 02 Toyota Camry 2.4L auto trans that won't shift into 4 & OD
Hi Renee. Thanks for contacting us today. The Shifter Position Switch and Neutral Safety Switch are one in the same, but I don't think that's the source of this type of problem. Typically when that component fails, it causes all...
Fob programming
The programming instructions are posted on the Internet at this link and here as well. In addition, technical support at Car and Truck Remotes (Tel: 1-866-690-4308) may have a suggestion. What I would suggest though is let the car operate...
I have a 2002 chevy impala 3.8 engine i placed a new belt on and i drove atleast a couple of miles and the belt jumped off and aom
Hi Crystal. Thanks for contacting us today. Most of the time, when a new belt comes off, it's due to either the tensioner pulley not being tight enough, a pulley failure or in some instances, the belt is too tight....
I have a 2002 cadillac deville my security light came on and stays on when i accelerate on the gas my car looses power
If the security light is on, there is a system malfunction but to determine the exact nature of the malfunction will require some testing. The recommended diagnostic to resolve that issue is an electrical diagnostic. With regard to the loss...
My mechanic says my ford Explorer has a misfire but to check I have to wait until the check engine light comes on?
Hi Kimberky. Thanks for contacting us today. Diagnosing an issue like you've described is incredibly difficult. What you're mechanic is talking about is diagnosis through tracing OBD-II trouble codes. The codes are created when a sensor detects a mechanical or...
replaced temp sensor and fans dnt turn on
Hi Selene. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It's quite possible that you've got a damaged relay or a ground that isn't correctly attached if the fan turns with physical 'stimulation' but not automatically. However, this could also be an ECU...
Battery and brake light came on on my Mitsubishi montero sport. Just replaces battery terminals because car kept dying.
You have described several issues and would recommend getting computer tested for misfires and have steering checked.
Coolant boiling
If you were low on coolant and oil then you may have overheated the engine and blew a head gasket and would need to have the engine pressure tested to check for bad head gaskets.
On your vehicle there are temperature sensors in the HVAC system, engine air induction, engine cooling, radiator fan control and elsewhere. If you are having difficulty with any of those components, please request service and the responding certified mechanic will...
ive changed the thermostat, the radiator, got a new radiator cap, new water pump, (and yes it was very corroded, I super flushed w
If the center point of the gauge represents about 200 degrees, then there is no overheating and your car is operating normally. Normal engine temperature is in the range of 195 degrees F to 220 degrees F. If you suspect...
My truck started off stalling than advanced to bad shifting in 4th gear would the 02 senser cause that
There are two oxygen sensors on your vehicle, one upstream and one downstream. To determine whether these sensors are functioning or not requires graphing of the sensor voltage output using an appropriate scan tool. Upstream versus downstream sensors have a...

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