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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Ford Focus
The 2012 Ford Focus brings a lot to the world of compact cars. Available as either a four-door sedan or a five-door hatchback, the Focus has great fuel efficiency and European styling that...
A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Ford Focus Electric
In 2012, the Ford Focus Electric model went a step farther than other eco-friendly cars. Instead of creating another hybrid model, Ford chose to offer a fully electric vehicle with a very impressive...
2012 Hyundai Elantra vs. 2012 Ford Focus: Which One Should I Buy?
The Hyundai Elantra and the Ford Focus are both offerings in the inexpensive compact sedan category, and both represent some of the best offerings in that class. Compact cars are slightly larger than a subcompact, but smaller than...
2012 Ford Focus vs. 2012 Mazda 3: Which One Should I Buy?
Compact sedans and hatchbacks provide a great ride on a budget, with the evolution from a stodgy, unattractive exterior (and interior!) to a more fully-featured trim set and exterior design. Driving enjoyment is improved throughout the class, which...
2012 Honda Civic vs. 2012 Ford Focus: Which One Should I Buy?
One of the best ways to cope with pain at the gas pump is to look at downsizing your vehicle, and today’s compact cars are a great option that allow you to keep the space that you need...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You're a Personal Trainer
As a personal trainer, you either operate out of a gym, or you go to your clients. Either way, you probably don’t have to haul any more gear than what fits...
The Best Used Cars to Buy for Teenagers
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Related questions

Hit a pothole then ABS sensor went on and spedometer stopped working. I have a 2014 Ford Focus
Considering that a pothole was hit, the most likely causes going to be near the suspension. I would recommend having your suspension inspected by a qualified professional to determine if any damage to parts has occurred. I would then recommend...
Battery post broke
The post is an integral part of the battery. It is not separately serviceable and thus you must buy a new battery. If the post has dislodged, or any component of the battery is "broken", be very wary about the...
2001 ford focus changed the fuel pumpstill not getting gas into the engine
You will need to have the computer scanned to see if there is stored codes for a sensor problem. You may have a theft system activated and it will cause no starts also or the computer is not turning on...
Will a 2000 Ford focus rims fit a 1991 toyta crola
No the rims will not fit. They have different size center hole and bolt pattern looks close but is not the same.
My car is jerking.
The problem sound like you have a misfire due to a failed spark plug or spark plug boot and coil. If you have the computer check engine light scanned for stored codes you will get and indication of the cause...
Car idles rough but when put in neutral the engine dips downward and moves back to normal when put into drive
Broken motor mounts will cause vibration and feel like a rough idle. You should have mounts changed and it will fix the problem.
What you are describing sounds like a failing CV joint. A CV (Constant Velocity) joint is a shaft that connects the transmission to the wheels, essentially transferring the power from the drive train directly to the wheels. The CV joint...
2001 focus crank no start, engine light is on, cannot hear fuel pump, scanned car and no codes found, is the fuel pump still bad?
Hey Dion. Thanks for the question tonight. In most cases a when a fuel pump is not working, but not indicating an OBD-II trouble code, it's mechanical. Most trouble codes related to the fuel pump indicate electrical faults. It's possible...
New brake pads worn down twice in a month ruining new rotor
Hi there. Thanks for taking time to contacting us today. There are typically three reasons why brake pads will wear excessively as you've described. First, if the wrong components are used or installed incorrectly, if the brake calipers are not...
Can I use a short ram intake from another car on my 21014 Ford focus
If you live in California, or any of at least 13 other other states, the device that you have in hand (the specific model number), must appear on the California Air Resources Board (CARB) list of certified aftermarket "devices" in...
2015 Ford Focus, transmission overheating light comes on
If you are getting a message stating that your transmission is overheating, I would strongly recommend checking the transmission fluid level. A low transmission fluid level could cause the transmission to overheat and even malfunction. If you find that your...
2002 Ford Focus 153,061 miles no diagnostic lights on but the car shakes alittle when in idle & when ac is on
Rough idle and excessive shaking of the engine could be due to a bad tank of gasoline, dirty fuel injectors, incorrect idle speed, exhaust restrictions, vacuum leaks, incorrectly installed or damaged spark plugs, a defective or clogged fuel pump or...
Car is idling really rough and engine visibly moves downward and back when put into neutral and drive.
As I said before it is going to be a broken motor mount and may need to put car on a lift to see the bad motor or transmission mount that is broken. A bad mount will not stabilize the...
Battery light on or off while driving won't start now
The battery should be load tested. If the battery fails the load test, the battery should be replaced. If you need to schedule battery replacement service, please schedule via YourMechanic's battery replacement service request page. If you request battery replacement,...
Where is the starter on my 2003 ford focus wagon
The starter motor is located behind the engine, by the firewall, if you are facing the front of the car. The battery and the intake box must be removed. From beneath the car, first unbolt the bolt closest to the...
White smoke
White smoke from tail is water vapor and if you get the smoke only during the first few minutes to ten minutes of running then it is normal burnoff of condensation in the exhaust. If the car continues to smoke...
In park my Ford Focus vibrates a tiny bit what is this
Vibration at idle is typically due to faulty motor/transmission mounts, rough idle which is an engine management problem (sensors, fuel, ignition), engine imbalance (harmonic balancer, etc.), or faults in any of the rotating elements (accessories such as the alternator) that...
My cars engine light turned on! And I’m scared! I put the machine that reads codes and it said I have a oxygen sensor on. Could th
The lack of an oil change is not typically related to the check engine light coming on but you should still change the oil promptly, of course, if it is overdue. The specific trouble code that you saw would have...
A quick review of consumer complaints in the NHTSA database shows a substantial number of steering system complaints for the 2014 Focus. Inasmuch as steering malfunctions are safety related, you can file a complaint with NHTSA as well. To address...

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