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A Buyer's Guide to the 2012 Kia Sedona
The Kia Sedona has been increasing in popularity over the years and the 2012 model kept the streak alive. This minivan can be yours at a very reasonable price, yet you don’t have...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You're in a Wheelchair
Being in a wheelchair means you have a very specific list of demands, and requests for your vehicle. The main focus is of course how you will get in and out...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If Safety is #1
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Q: Didn't want to start then started drove 40 mi overheat a little at red light car die wont start
If your engine is overheating and you drove it until it stalled then you may have blown a head gasket. You will need to have the cooling system checked to see if it is leaking or the fans did not...
Q: Didn't want to start then started drove 40 mi overheat a little at red light car die wont start
You will need to have the engine checked to see if it stalled due to loss of power from fuel related issue or from the engine overheating. Have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic come to you and diagnose the...
Q: Didn't want to start then started drove 40 mi overheat a little at red light car die wont start
You will need to check the coolant level to see if you lost coolant or the cooling fans are not coming on. Have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic come to you and check the engine overheating problem to see...
2012 Kia Sedona - Major gas leaking. Shop said it was the fuel injectors
Without visually seeing the leak it is hard to know if the fuel rail or injectors are the cause of the fuel leak. The fuel injector seal to the fuel rail may be leaking. If you want another mechanic like...
My Kia car manufactured in 2006 is now the malfunction indicator lamp is stay on during driving.why and what is the problem?and ho
The check engine light comes on when the computer system detects a problem and stores one or more codes to help diagnose the problem. There can be 150 different stored codes and can be a minor or major issue and...
blinkers, windshield wipers, high beams, not working properly
Hi Johnathon. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When you have multiple electrical faults as you've described, they are often caused by the same root component failure. In most cases, a damaged electrical relay to the dashboard will cause this problem,...
Which ignition coil is connected to my 4th cylinder on my 2004 Kia Sedona
Cylinder number 4 is the coil over cylinder number 4 and is the middle cylinder on the back side of the engine.
2 dash lights lighting up at the same time on and off battery/brake alternater is good and battery is good
Hi Robert. Thanks for the question tonight. When these two lights illuminate or flicker like you've described, it usually indicates that a sensor or electrical connection to a sensor that monitors these systems. There are several of these sensors on...
My 2006 kia drives but wont go past 50 what can i do or what can it be just wanted to know what i can do it reads siliniod c
If a trouble code has set, that is if your check engine light is on, simply request a check engine light diagnostic and the mechanic will resolve the issue that you are writing in about. If the solenoid that you...
My Kia Carnival doesnt drive but idles. Its a 2005 European car so its not a Sedona. It doesnt drive when you push the gas pedal.
You can attempt to see if there are any stored trouble codes. If no codes have been stored, a real time scanner can be applied to view engine operating parameters if it is determined that the problem is engine loss...
I have a 2005 kia sedona minivan. About 5 months ago i went to do a tune up on it and found cylinder bank 4 spark plug engulfed i
Hi Daniel. Thanks for contacting us today. The first thing I'd recommend is having a professional mechanic determine what is causing the oil in the #4 spark plug cylinder - as that is likely still an existing issue and causing...
2006 Kia Sedona runs 5 minutes, oil light comes on and valves rattle, removed thermostat.no water flow, checked water pumps fine,
I would recommend having your engine inspected by a qualified professional who is proficient in diagnosing internal engine failures. It seems as if you may have a faulty oil pump.
2005 kia sedona has no spark, no bad fuses, replaced computer, battery voltage at each coil, fuses all appear to have battery volt
You may have a defective crankshaft sensor? If you check computer with a scanner for codes and a rpm signal from crank sensor and if none then replace sensor.
My car was sputtering and chocking when i hit the gas now the stering wheel wont turn
Hi Heather. Thanks for contacting us today. Usually when an engine is frequently sputtering, it is caused by either an engine misfire due to poor ignition system components or clogged fuel delivery. Some common parts that when worn out can...
My 2009 Kia Sedona will get stuck in park and will stop at reverse when I am trying to get it back into park, what is wrong?
The shift linkage should be disconnected from the "manual lever" on the transmission case. Then, by manipulating the manual lever, you can determine if the problem (resistance to movement as you shift through the gears) is within the transmission itself...
2008 Kia Sedona, 3.8L V-6, transverse : check engine light constant on; occasional random misfire(P0300) with P2198
If you are getting random misfire codes and O2 sensor codes after getting fuel i suggest you have a fuel sample test to see if there is excessive water in the fuel. You can try adding some drygas in the...
Car dies when put in reverse
Your vehicle has a neutral safety switch that will prevent the vehicle from starting when it is in any gear position other than park or neutral. Occasionally, this switch can malfunction causing the car to stall as soon as you...
My trunk wony open
Lock lubricant can be applied through the key entry in case that somehow will free the stuck mechanism. If that doesn't work, spray lubricant is applied from the inside of the trunk (access by folding down rear seatbacks) but only...
Got 1 cup of water in gas, used 3 ans dry gas, 2 days later car is knocking, my perminent damage is?
I doubt there is permanent damage, but you need to get the water out of there or there will be. The best way to get the water out is with the fuel pump. The water will settle in the bottom...
2004 kia sedona keeps overheating
It is possible that the fan itself could be the cause of this issue. I would recommend having your radiator fan tested by a qualified professional to ensure that it is functioning properly. If the fan is getting power from...

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