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Cupping on tires Inspection Service

Cupped tires can be very unnerving. In addition to the fact that they look dangerous, they often alter the driving feel of your vehicle, so you may notice that your car feels a little bit clunky and bouncy, and slightly out of control. If you notice that one or more of your tires is cupped, you should waste no time in scheduling an inspection for your vehicle.

How this system works:

Your tires are the only part of your car that come into regular direct contact with the road. As such, their quality directly impacts how well your car drives, how safe it is to drive, and how gracefully your vehicle steers. A cupped tire occurs when a tire develops a divot in it, which makes it look as though a scoop has been taken out of the tire. This scoop prohibits the tire from turning perfectly, which in turn makes your vehicle less easy and safe to drive.

Common reasons for this to happen:

There are four common reasons for tires to cup:

  • Faulty suspension system: Your suspension system is what allows your car to drive smoothly. The impact of the road is absorbed by the suspension, primarily the struts and shock absorbers, so that your car does not have to be subject to all of the force of the road. When your struts and shock absorbers break, your suspension becomes stiff, rather than flexible, and that means that your tires take on the brunt of the impact. If you’ve ever seen a car driving fast over a bumpy road, while looking completely in control, you’ve witnessed the power of a good suspension system. When the shock absorbers and struts fail, your car becomes more like a skateboard, rattling and bouncing over every imperfection in the road. This results in the tires bouncing up and down with regularity and force, which can result in cupping.

  • Poor quality tires: Cupping can sometimes be the result of new, low-quality tires. Low quality tires do not have the thickness, strength, or durability of standard issue tires. As a result, they’re far more likely to experience permanent damage, such as tire cupping.

  • Underinflated tires: If your tires do not have enough air pressure in them, they may be damaged and cupped. Underinflating your tires weakens them, and makes them susceptible to potholes, rocks, and other debris or abnormalities in the road.

  • Misaligned wheels: Wheel alignment is one of the most important facets of car maintenance. Wheel alignment makes sure that all of your wheels are at the perfect angle, so that your car drives the way it was designed to. Wheels that are at an incorrect angle are subject to extreme wear and tear, such as cupping.

What to expect:

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the cause of the cupped tire, and will then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.

How it's done:

A mechanic will assess your cupped tire to help determine the cause of the damage. The mechanic will always check your suspension system, as that is the most problematic potential cause of cupped tires. Cupped tires cannot be repaired, only replaced. The mechanic will not only replace the damaged tire, but fix whatever was causing the issue, by either replacing the struts, the shocks, or all four tires; or setting you up with a wheel alignment.

How important is this service?

Driving with a damaged tire is not safe. You will not have as much control over your car as you should, and your tire is more liable to blow out. Furthermore, a cupped tire is often the result of broken struts or shocks, which means that continuing to drive your car could cause severe damage to the suspension system. When you notice a cupped tire, you should immediately set up an inspection with a mechanic.

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