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Camshaft Variable Control Unit Replacement Service

What is the Camshaft Variable Control Unit all about?

The camshaft variable control unit allows for more precise control of a vehicle's camshaft, thus improving the timing, reducing engine emissions, and increasing overall fuel efficiency. The variable control unit uses one of several ways to achieve valve control. The most common is cam phasing, which uses an actuator to rotate the camshaft forwards or backwards, thus adjusting the timing.

The variable control unit utilizes electronically controlled hydraulic valves to inject high-pressure oil into the phaser cavity, allowing the phaser cavity to adjust the timing of the valves by rotating the camshaft backward or forward of its standard orientation. This advances or retards the timing of the camshaft.

You can find the camshaft variable control unit next to the camshaft within the vehicle engine. The control unit utilizes the vehicle's computer, Engine Control Unit (ECU), in conjunction with a variety of sensors to adjust the timing of the vehicle according to vehicle load.

Keep in mind:

  • Many things can cause the timing of a vehicle to get off. One of our expert mechanics will check the timing belt.
  • The mechanic will also check the oil level and condition and recommend an oil change if needed, as this can affect the performance of the camshaft and the other critical engine components, such as the timing belt.

Our recommendation:

If you feel that your vehicle's timing is off, have one of our expert mechanics run a diagnostic to determine the cause of the problem. Having your vehicle's oil changed on a regular maintenance schedule can help keep vital engine parts properly lubricated and running properly.

The mechanic can also check the timing of the engine by using a timing light. In combination with the diagnostic, the mechanic can then recommend what needs to be done to fix the timing issue.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Camshaft Variable Control Unit?

  • Bad fuel economy
  • Sluggish engine performance
  • Vehicle overheats
  • Check Engine light comes on

How important is this service?

While a vehicle with a faulty camshaft variable control unit can still run, operating a vehicle with this issue can lead to worsening fuel efficiency, sluggish performance, an overheated engine, and ultimately, a broken timing belt, which will disable your vehicle.

Fast and easy Camshaft Variable Control Unit Replacement service at your home or office.

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