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Purge Control Valve Replacement Service

What is the Purge Control Valve all about?

The modern emissions and fuel delivery system is much more complicated than it once was. There are many different components required to ensure that fuel is delivered to the engine correctly, and that waste gases are eliminated without causing undue damage to the environment. The purge control valve in your evaporative emissions/fuel system is one such component.

The purge control valve prevents gas vapor from escaping into the atmosphere. Fuel vapor is trapped and stored in the fuel system’s charcoal canister. The purge control valve controls when those vapors are released into the fuel system (they’re burned to enhance fuel economy as well as to prevent damage to the environment).

This component is essentially a solenoid. As such, it’s an electrical component that is subject to a number of potential problems, including damage to the wiring harness, shorts, and outright failure. If a problem occurs with the purge control valve, your Check Engine light will turn on, and an evap system code will be set in the PCM.

Keep in mind:

  • The purge control valve is not part of any maintenance program and will only be inspected if there is a problem.
  • An evaporative emissions system code in the PCM can indicate a failed purge control valve.
  • Some problems can be repaired (after testing the valve first), but the valve will need to be replaced if there is a problem.

Our recommendation:

While the purge control valve require no regular maintenance it should be checked any time your coolant gets drained to make sure that it still forms a complete seal with the radiator. It is essential that your fuel delivery and evap system is in good working order. Not only will a faulty or malfunctioning purge control valve keep your car from passing its emission test, but will cause drivability problems. If your Check Engine light is on, or you’re experiencing hard starts or other fuel-system related problems, have it diagnosed by one of our expert mechanics as soon as possible.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Purge Control Valve?

  • Difficulty starting immediately after refilling the gas tank
  • Check Engine light is on
  • Reduced fuel economy

How important is this service?

Having a functional evap system is critical for your vehicle. It affects everything from your fuel economy to your ability to drive and pass an emissions test. If you’ve noticed a drop in mileage, hard starts after refueling, or your Check Engine light is on, we recommend having the purge control valve tested and diagnosed as soon as possible.

Fast and easy Purge Control Valve Replacement service at your home or office.

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