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Injection Pump Drive Belt Replacement Service

What is the Injection Pump Drive Belt all about?

Diesel engines have been around for a long time. Over the years, several different technologies have been used to pump fuel into the engine. While modern diesel vehicles use an injection system similar to those of gasoline engines, they were not used ubiquitously until the 1990s.

These diesel injection pumps were mechanical in nature (they had few or even no electronic components) and operated by a belt attached to the camshaft, much like a timing belt in modern gasoline engines. However, not all older diesel engines used belts – some used a series of gears or chains.

The injection pump drive belt operated the injection pump based on input from the camshaft, so the pump was in operation as long as the engine was turning. An injection pump drive belt is subject to the same types of wear and tear as any other belt in the engine. Eventually, it will fail and require replacement. Generally, replacement was recommended every 75,000 miles or so (although this varied greatly by manufacturer).

Keep in mind:

  • The injection pump drive belt is located behind a cover, and cannot be easily inspected during normal maintenance.
  • If the injection pump drive belt fails, the pump will not be able to provide fuel for the cylinders.

Our recommendation:

Your injection pump drive belt is subject to significant wear and tear over the course of its life. It will eventually develop cracks or break. Without this belt, your engine will not operate. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation in terms of belt replacement service to avoid the possibility of breakage while operating. Work with our expert mechanics to ensure that your belt is always in good condition.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Injection Pump Drive Belt?

  • Engine will not run (no fuel supplied to the cylinders)
  • Flapping or knocking noise in the engine compartment

How important is this service?

Your engine will not operate without the injection pump drive belt. If your belt is broken, it’s essential to replace it and inspect the engine for other damage. Prevention is the best course of action here – have the belt replaced before it breaks.

Fast and easy Injection Pump Drive Belt Replacement service at your home or office.

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