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Rear Horizontal Shocks Replacement Service

What is the Rear Horizontal Shocks all about?

Your car’s suspension is very complex, and relies on a number of different components in order to cushion your ride, provide good handling, and keep everything in the right position. In many cars, the most visible components of the suspension are the shocks and struts. They sit upright above the car’s wheels, surrounded by a coilover spring. However, that’s not the case for all vehicles. A quad-shock system is used for some types of cars (many Ford Mustangs have this type of system). Here, your rear shocks will not be vertical, but horizontal.

Why are horizontal shocks used? They ensure that wheel hop is kept to a minimum without affecting axle rotation. In addition, rear horizontal shocks allow manufacturers to use softer bushings in the 4-link suspension system, which offers improved ride quality and performance. Of course, like all other types of shocks, they’re subject to wear and tear.

Keep in mind:

  • Because horizontal shocks are usually part of a quad-shock setup, it can be harder to detect shock failure.
  • Horizontal shocks are generally located in an obscure region, and may not be visible without putting the car on a lift.
  • Eventually, all shocks will wear out and fail – it is only a matter of time and driving style.

Our recommendation:

Without a fully functional rear suspension, your car will not have the handling and ride quality it should. This can manifest in many ways, from a harsh, hard ride and jarring over bumps to loud banging as rear end components collide with each other when encountering dips and bumps in the road. Tire wear and other suspension component wear are also common. Have the problem diagnosed and repaired by one of our expert mechanics immediately.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Rear Horizontal Shocks?

  • Banging from the rear when going over bumps or dips
  • Uneven tire wear in the rear
  • A feeling of too much sway or bounce in the rear of the car while driving
  • Noticing fluid on the exterior of the shock

How important is this service?

Your rear shocks are just as important as the front shocks, and must be maintained and replaced when they fail. Without fully operational rear shocks, your suspension, ride quality and vehicle performance are compromised. We recommend having the problem diagnosed and repaired immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your rear suspension.

Fast and easy Rear Horizontal Shocks Replacement service at your home or office.

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