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Direct Drive Fan Replacement Service

What is the Direct Drive Fan all about?

The cooling system is one of the most important systems for your vehicle's performance. The engine’s optimal running temperature is in the vicinity of 200F, and maintaining that temperature is no easy feat. The cooling system circulates its antifreeze through the radiator to dissipate engine heat as air passes over it, but more often than not it requires the assistance of a fan to draw more air through it. Combine that with the funneling action of a fan shroud, and the cooling system is able to maintain a consistent temperature or the best performance, prevention of overheating, and best emissions operation.

A direct drive fan mounts directly to the front of the engine, either on the crankshaft pulley or another pulley that is belt driven from the crankshaft. The fan blades are attached to a clutch mechanism that allows the fan to spin idly when the engine doesn’t require cooling, and the clutch locks firmly when the engine is at operating temperature. The fan draws extra air through the radiator and fan shroud, performing double cooling duty. The air pulls heat from the coolant circulating in the radiator and also washes over the engine itself to cool it down. When the direct drive fan clutch doesn’t lock up, the engine temperature can climb into an overheating condition. If the fan has a seized clutch, the fan will require more engine power to turn, which robs the engine of power and over-cools the engine so it doesn’t achieve its running temperature quickly.

Keep in mind:

  • The engine should be turned off and the cooling fan stopped before attempting to perform any engine service to prevent injury or damage.
  • The direct drive fan is also known as a clutch fan, or belt-driven fan.

Our recommendation:

The direct drive fan doesn’t require servicing, though anytime a drive belt is replaced it would be prudent to ensure the fan clutch is able to spin freely. If there are any fan blades that are broken or bent, or if the fan clutch is not operating as it should, the direct drive fan needs to be replaced by one of our expert technicians.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Direct Drive Fan?

  • Roaring sound from the engine when starting in a cold environment
  • Engine doesn’t reach operating temperature at idle or in cold temperatures
  • Engine may overheat at idle or low speeds

How important is this service?

The engine fan provides a large portion of the engine’s cooling ability. If the cooling fan isn’t working, the engine is subject to overheating and possible additional internal damage. The direct drive fan needs to be replaced as soon as it is determined to be a problem.

Fast and easy Direct Drive Fan Replacement service at your home or office.

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