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High Pressure Oil Line Replacement Service

What is the High Pressure Oil Line all about?

High pressure oil lines are utilized on certain styles of diesel engines. This system was considered revolutionary in past years. Instead of using conventional injection pumps, diesel engines relied on high pressure oil line systems that create a volume of oil that is delivered to fuel injectors. A pressure regulator delivers the firing process by means of transferring high pressure oil via a poppet valve on top of an intensifier piston. Then, aftermarket injectors with huge plungers and barrels pressurize the fuel and send it to the combustion chamber.

The oil in your engine follows a convoluted, complicated, and lengthy path before it ever reaches your injectors. It’s highly pressurized and is part of a very complex system. If the high pressure oil line leaks or fails, the engine will not run properly.

Keep in mind:

  • Oil lines are not a part of your routine maintenance.
  • If your oil lines are not delivering fuel to your engine, your car will not start.
  • Your oil lines have to be clean in order to deliver power to your engine.

Our recommendation:

If your high pressure oil lines aren’t delivering proper pressure to the oil injection system, your vehicle won’t work properly. This isn’t something that should be ignored, because it can affect other engine components. Have one of our expert diesel mechanics inspect and repair your high pressure oil injection system if you experience any of the symptoms described above.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the High Pressure Oil Line?

  • Engine noise
  • High fluid temperature
  • Engine sluggishness

How important is this service?

If oil is not being delivered properly to your engine, the parts that require lubrication or oil pressure will not work properly. The best case scenario is that some engine components will not work as well as they should. The worst case scenario is that your engine will seize, and you’ll need a motor replacement.

Fast and easy High Pressure Oil Line Replacement service at your home or office.

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