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Window is not working Inspection Service

Problems with how your vehicle’s window system operates can not only be annoying, but also a proverbial cry for help in the way of repairs. It could signal an issue that could worsen with time, possibly even resulting in a window that won’t move up or down at all.

How this system works:

The way a power window system works is actually easier to understand than you may think. The system’s motor receives power through wiring and is regulated by a fuse. Then, when you press the window switch, the power window motor produces rotation. From there, the regulator inside the clutch of your window converts that rotation into the up-and-down movement of your window.

In manual window systems, the mechanism is much the same, and the initial rotation is produced when you turn the window handle inside the vehicle by hand.

When parts within either a power or manual window system begin to wear, it can cause your window to move improperly or not at all.

Common reasons for this to happen:

  • Worn or broken window motor: If the power window motor is beginning to fail or has stopped working entirely, the system cannot function properly. This could cause your window to go up and down slowly or stop working entirely. When you press your window control switch, this problem may cause the motor to make a labored sound or no sound at all, depending on the motor’s condition.

  • Bad window regulator: Since the regulator is responsible for creating the vertical movement of your window, it can wreak havoc on the system when something goes wrong. If the regulator is responsible for your window woes, you should be able to hear the motor running when you press the control switch. There are times, however, when a bad window motor or window regulator manifest a problem in the same way, requiring the removal of the door panel for a closer look and testing with proper diagnostic tools.

  • Faulty window track guides: Track guides inside the window keep the window pane in place as it moves up and down. If, however, the pane goes off the track, it won’t be able to move at all, causing your window to “fall” inside your door. If this has happened, you may hear a rattle when you attempt to operate your window. This can be an issue in vehicles with either power or manual windows.

  • Blown fuse or bad relay switch: If none of your windows will go up or down, a blown fuse or worn relay is the likely culprit. Although these are two different issues, the symptoms will often present themselves in a similar manner. Without the proper diagnostic equipment, however, tracing a bad relay can be problematic, and you could interfere with other running systems if you start yanking fuses out left and right to check them. Allow a professional mechanic to perform a thorough inspection.

  • Bad wiring or window switch: Since the wiring provides the means for an electric window system to gain power, a faulty switch, a short, or other related issue can cause your windows to stop working altogether. When it comes to wiring issues, it is imperative to have a mechanic trace the problem with the proper diagnostic tools. Otherwise, it is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack, and you risk damaging other components in the process.

What to expect:

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine why your window is not working properly. He or she may need to remove one or more door panels to take a closer look at the components of your power window system.

After the inspection, the mechanic will provide a detailed report that describes the source and cause of the window malfunction, along with the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.

How important is this service?

Since your window system doesn’t affect the drivability of your vehicle, it can be tempting to put off its repair for a later date. In the meantime, however, whatever component is at the root of the issue could potentially damage other parts of the window system. Ultimately, this could increase the cost of repairs at a later date, so prompt attention to the matter is recommended.

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