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Coolant Fan Module Replacement Service

What is the Coolant Fan Module all about?

The coolant fan module works with the engine coolant temperature switch and the engine control module (ECM) to keep the engine at the right operating temperature. The ECM turns on the cooling fan at the correct speed -- when the engine control module senses the engine heating up, the fan comes on.

Most new vehicles are programmed to turn the fan on at a given temperature, normally between 190 and 210 degrees, but every engine turns the fan on at different temperatures.

This system was designed to aid in warming the engine up quickly as well as decreasing load on the engine and increasing fuel economy. The coolant fan module provides advantages better than the belt-run cooling fans that were common in older cars.

Keep in mind:

  • Many components of the cooling system work together. If one part fails, it could impact the entire system.
  • A bad coolant fan module can lead to poor fuel economy, sluggish engine performance, and severe engine damage.

Our recommendation:

If you suspect the coolant fan module may be malfunctioning, contact one of our licensed mechanics to do an inspection and replace the defective part at your home or office.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Coolant Fan Module?

  • Engine overheats
  • Engine runs sluggish or will stumble during acceleration
  • Engine overheats when idle, but not when moving

How important is this service?

The coolant fan module is very important to the safe operation of the engine because it helps to keep the engine at the right operating temperature. An overheating engine is a potentially dangerous condition and requires immediate attention.

Fast and easy Coolant Fan Module Replacement service at your home or office.

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