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Exhaust Air Supply Tube Replacement Service

What is the Exhaust Air Supply Tube all about?

Over the past several decades, vehicle manufacturers have been pressured to improve the emissions expelled from their cars. The process of minimizing the amount of pollutants that are expelled through the exhaust includes oxidizing the unburned fuel or partially-burned fuel carried in the exhaust gases. This started in 1966 when car manufacturers began introducing fresh air into the exhaust gas at a point very close to the engine. The temperature is extremely hot at this point and the combustion is completed before the exhaust exits the tailpipe.

Introducing the fresh air into the exhaust is done by way of an exhaust air supply tube, which connects to the exhaust pipe near or on the exhaust manifold. The same system is still used by many auto manufacturers for exhaust systems equipped with catalytic converters to combust the unburned fuel. The catalytic converter needs to operate at extremely hot temperatures, and air introduced into the exhaust gas near the engine increases the exhaust temperature to warm the catalytic converter to its operating temperature.

If the exhaust air supply tube is broken, leaking, or blocked, the engine will produce excess pollutants, run at incorrect temperatures, cause the oxygen sensors in the exhaust to read incorrectly, and consume excessive amounts of fuel as the sensors try to compensate.

Keep in mind:

  • Exhaust gases are extremely hot, so always allow sufficient time to cool before touching exhaust parts.
  • The exhaust air supply tube is part of the emissions system on your vehicle, and is required to be operational or intact in many jurisdictions.

How it's done:

  • The vehicle is supported on jack stands
  • The defective exhaust air supply tube is removed
  • The new exhaust air supply tube is installed
  • The vehicle is removed from the jack stands
  • The vehicle is road tested to check exhaust system

Our recommendation:

The exhaust air supply tube is exposed to high temperatures, and can burn through if a problem exists. If the exhaust air supply tube is broken, blocked, or leaking, it should be replaced by one of our expert mechanics. It is prudent to replace the air supply tube as well, if the EGR valve is being serviced.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Exhaust Air Supply Tube?

  • Exhaust under the hood is noisy
  • Noticeable fuel smell from the exhaust

How important is this service?

Since many states require smog testing on a regular basis, you can be cited if your vehicle isn’t running efficiently. Excess fuel consumption can eventually cause internal engine damage. Replace the exhaust air supply tube as soon as the need arises.

Fast and easy Exhaust Air Supply Tube Replacement service at your home or office.

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