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How much does Trailing Arm Bushings Replacement cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

Cars Estimate Parts Cost Labor Cost Savings Average Dealer Price
2013 Volkswagen Jetta $104 $33.58 $70.00 26% $141.08
2014 Ford Fiesta $119 $49.18 $70.00 23% $156.68
2004 Toyota Land Cruiser $117 $47.24 $70.00 24% $154.74
2011 Ford Taurus $130 $60.12 $70.00 22% $167.62
2011 Aston Martin V12 Vantage $104 $33.58 $70.00 26% $141.08
2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty $107 $37.18 $70.00 25% $144.68
2003 Dodge Ram 2500 $119 $49.18 $70.00 23% $156.68
2008 Mini Cooper $189 $49.18 $140.00 28% $264.18
2009 Audi A3 $95 $10.70 $84.00 32% $139.70
2003 Mercedes-Benz C240 $122 $51.58 $70.00 23% $159.08
2003 Cadillac Seville $119 $49.18 $70.00 23% $156.68
2005 Cadillac SRX $96 $26.38 $70.00 28% $133.88
2012 Lexus GX460 $134 $64.42 $70.00 21% $171.92
2012 Maserati GranTurismo $129 $59.18 $70.00 22% $166.68
2006 Porsche Boxster $122 $51.58 $70.00 23% $159.08
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Trailing Arm Bushings Replacement Service

What is the Trailing Arm Bushings all about?

Trailing arm bushings are part of a trailing arm suspension, where a series of interconnected “arms” join the axle and a pivot point on the chassis itself. The front of the trailing arm contains the bushing, and a bolt runs through the bushing to fasten the trailing arm to the frame of the vehicle. The trailing arm bushing cushions and eases the movement associated with suspension travel while firmly holding the wheel on its correct axis. If the trailing arm bushing is worn or cracked, the trailing arm can’t hold the rear wheel solidly on its axis, which can cause excessive tire wear on the affected rear wheel, a loose feeling when driving, cornering, braking, or accelerating, and clunking noises.

Keep in mind:

  • If you have a trailing arm bushing replaced, you should have a wheel alignment service performed as well.

How it's done:

  • The vehicle is raised and supported on jack stands and tire removed
  • The defective trailing arm bushing is removed
  • The new trailing arm bushing is installed
  • The tire is reinstalled and the vehicle taken off the jack stands
  • The vehicle is road tested for proper operation

Our recommendation:

The trailing arm bushing is made of rubber in most cases and is subject to wear, weathering or cracking over time. This does not require replacement unless there is movement. However, if there is movement in your trailing arm bushing, you should have it replaced by one of our expert mechanics to prevent additional repair and maintenance costs or abnormal driving conditions.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Trailing Arm Bushings?

  • Loose feeling in the rear of the vehicle when driving or cornering
  • Excessive wear or cupping on the rear tires
  • Clunk can be heard from the rear on bumps and upon braking or accelerating

How important is this service?

The trailing arm is a link in the rear suspension and can present handling issues if excessive wear is present. Though wear will need to be extreme to present an unsafe driving condition, a worn trailing arm bushing can cause expensive additional repairs such as tire replacement. Have a worn trailing arm bushing replaced promptly.

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