13 years of experience
Chicago, IL

Hi, my name is Jose but you can call me Chuy. I have been an automotive technician since 2011. My career experience includes Pep Boys, an independent shop, and a Ford dealership. I am able to work on Domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. I am committed to providing safe, friendly, and efficient automotive service to all my customers.

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on December 20

Jose was very respectful, honest, and informative. He did an amazing job with my trailing arm bushings and defiantly knew what he was doing and what he was talking about. I will choose him if I have other problems with my vehicle. My car is back to driving how I want it to.

on December 21

Great service by José. He arrived in time and showed extensive knowledge and resources to solve my problem. At the end I just needed the jumper cables to start off my car but after second attempt since the first didn't work. He was thorough in his examination of the vehicle and used proper technology. I would recommend him definitely.

on December 21

Great job very informative and professional many thanks to you Jose!!!


  • Inspection


Kia Rio

on December 28

Great personable guy - genuine & honest. Worked fast to solve the issue of my car not idleing correctly & sputtering. He did the diagnostic test. Saw that cylinder 3 & 4 were having issues so he took off the valve cover & noticed that Cylinder #4 had the connector to it about 1/2 off...for some off reason...was fine 2 days prior. He pushed it itn, check #3 also while car running then also opened up to see if timing belt was ok & then tested again & nothing else wrong. Took it for a test drive with me in car & car worked great. I would recommend him for a great job done & experience with what he does. BRAVO! Thanks for the service & the opportunity to try your service. Hope you expand further west in Chicago burbs with success.

on January 03

Was able to quickly asses the situation.

on January 10

Did a great job and was very knowledgeable. Thanks again



Nissan Rogue

on January 09

Excellent mechanic !

on January 10

Very Nice and down to earth guy who knows his stuff.

on January 16

My experience was very good. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Jose is a very good mechanic.



Chevrolet Malibu

on January 11

Wonderful, knowledgeable mechanic. I really enjoyed my interaction with him.

on January 11

Jose knew everything about the car I wanted him to inspect. I was about to purchase a used car from a private dealer. He gave me good advice on the purchase and at the end of the day saved me from making a bad decision.

on January 19

Jose is a great mechanic he went above & beyond to help me findout what the problem was with my car I will recommend him to anyone that needs repair work.

on January 21

Jose was great and a pleasure to deal with would definitely recommend him

on January 21

Smooth mechanic and knowledgeable.

on January 24

Jose did a good job explaining the problem with the car but he was 40 minutes late.

on January 23

Jose's cool demeanor, excellent customer service and he being experienced at what he does makes him a great mechanic



Dodge Durango

on January 25

Jose was very knowledgeable and explained several things to me.

on January 25

Very professional. Would definitely use again. Walked me through what the problem was, what he was going to do and he completed it all. Would book again for sure.

on January 28

Great experience! Jose was prompt, very professional and made the whole process seamless. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a quick fix for significantly cheaper than the auto shop.

on January 27

Fantastic, Joses figured out the problem within 5 minutes. Joses is a very good mechanic. 👍🏽

on February 02

He was running a bit late coming from last job but communicated well with a call. He is knowledgeable and approachable, and quick to relieve the issue on hand. Got the car to start on the first try. Overall, a good experience.

on January 31

Great worker

on February 27

Does great work! Changed my Rotors & Pads and did a fantastic job! Would definitely recommend!

on February 05

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jose knew within a few minutes what was wrong and made the repairs in no time.



Acura MDX

on February 04

Great experience. Jose was on time, friendly and competent. Replaced my battery in no time.

on February 13

Jose was very knowledgeable, polite, and honest. He was helpful and determined to get our vehicle going again and he did! I would most definitely choose Jose again! Thanks!



Pontiac G6

on February 12

Jose was awesome and is a very knowledgeable mechanic. Was very accommodating and fixed my issues. He also took the time to explain and show me what he was doing during every step of the job which was very educational.

on February 08

Jose was prompt, professional and informative. He did work on my Jeep Liberty at my home which was great because we have a 26 month old and I didn't have to take her to a mechanics shop and sit all day while my truck was worked on. I would definitely request gun for future work.

on February 28

Jose was very honest and knowledgeable with the work being done! Would recommend to anyone on excellent work performance! Thank you!

on February 19

Very professional, experienced and friendly. Absolutely want to use him again

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