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75 Point Safety Inspection Service & Cost

Maintaining a vehicle is vital to both the vehicle’s lifespan and the safety of the driver and passengers. A small repair can quickly turn into a big expensive repair if it is not caught in time. Having regular inspections performed on a vehicle is the best way to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive and all of the major systems are running correctly. Inspections can also help avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

A general 75-point inspection will be done on the vehicle by our top-rated mobile mechanic who will provide you with a detailed report regarding your vehicles health, highlighting any issues that may require further attention.

The inspection will look at the following vehicle systems and components:


The vehicles dash will be inspected to determine if any of the various warning lights are illuminated and a small computer will be plugged into the OBD II port under the dash to see if there are any check engine codes that need to be investigated. Dash lights can indicate an issue, sometimes serious, with the vehicle.

A couple of warning light examples:

  • Check Engine Light: This light will illuminate if there is an issue with the emissions system. It could indicate something simple like a loose gas cap or the much more serious failing catalytic converter.

  • Battery: The battery light indicates something malfunctioning with the electrical system. This could be the battery, alternator, voltage regulator, serpentine belt, fuses or any of the other components that make up the vehicle’s electrical system.


All tires will be inspected for wear and proper tire pressure. Pressures will be notated on the report. Tires that are showing uneven wear can indicate other issues with the vehicle such as alignment or suspension problems:

  • Worn Shocks: Uneven tire wear or tires that are wearing out quicker than normal is often due to worn shocks. Shocks wear out over time and will need to be replaced over the lifetime of the vehicle.

  • Out of Alignment: Improper wheel alignment can cause uneven wear and drastically reduce the lifespan of a tire. Wheel alignment is simply the adjustment of the suspension and steering components of the vehicle so the angle of the tire when it contacts the road is in accordance with manufacturer specifications.


Modern vehicles contain large amounts of fluids. Fluids lubricate, and cool the engine as well as assist the hydraulic systems in the vehicle. Fluids are extremely important to the safe operation of a car.

All fluid levels will be checked:

  • Coolant: Coolant is essential to the safe operation of the engine. It circulates throughout the engine absorbing and removing the heat it generates. Leaks or contamination are common problems with coolant.

  • Brake Fluid: Brake fluid works with the hydraulics in the brakes to increase the pressure put on the rotors or drums when the brake pedal is depressed. Low brake fluid levels or a leak in the system can lead to decreased braking power.

  • Engine Oil: Oil performs a number of functions. It cleans, cools and lubricates a variety of different engine components. Oil leaks that are not addressed can lead to very serious and expensive repairs.

  • Power Steering Fluid: Power steering fluid makes it easier for a driver to turn the steering wheel. Over time the fluid can become contaminated and will need to be replaced.

  • Washer Fluid: While not a critical component to the vehicle’s operation, washer fluid can be a lifesaver if the weather turns bad. A dirty windshield can seriously affect visibility and safety.


The brake system is one of the major safety components of any vehicle. Certain parts of the braking system will need to be replaced over time. Catching and repairing small problems can prevent much more expensive brake repairs.

  • Brake Pads: Brakes pads will be measured during the inspection. Brakes pads wear down over time and need to be replaced. A squealing sound is a common symptom of a worn out brake pad. If pads are not replaced in timely manner it can lead to damaged rotors which will be a much more expensive repair.

  • Rotors: The rotors are a very important part of the braking system. The brake pads rub against the rotors creating friction, which slows and stops a vehicle. Rotors can warp or be damaged by worn out brake pads. Rotors should be inspected on a regular basis.


The engine is the heart of any vehicle. It is compromised of a number of different systems and components. Even a small issue with one of these systems can lead to an expensive repair. Regular inspections of the engine can prevent major failures and unexpected breakdowns.

Here are just a few of the systems that will be inspected:

  • Cooling System: This system keeps the engine cool and also powers the air conditioning and heating components in the car. The water pump and hoses will be inspected and any cracked or leaking hoses will be noted.

  • Belts: There are numerous belts in a vehicle and if one of them fails it can bring a vehicle to a complete stop. All belts will be inspected for cracking and stretching.

  • Air Filter: A dirty air filter can cause the engine to run roughly, lead to decreased fuel efficiency and trigger the Check Engine light. Air filters should be changed on a regular basis.

  • Leaks: Any leaks will be examined and investigated. Leaks can quickly turn serious and cause further damage to the engine.

How important is this service?

Having a vehicle inspected on a regular basis will give you peace of mind and ensure that the vehicle is running at optimal levels. Regular inspections can also spot minor issues that could eventually turn into major repairs.

Fast and easy 75 Point Safety Inspection service at your home or office.

Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee

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