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Safety Interlock Switch Replacement Service

What is the Safety Interlock Switch all about?

When you want to get somewhere in your vehicle, a couple of things need to happen. You need to put your keys in, turn them, and start the transmission through ignition, for one. However, you also need to engage the clutch. Until the clutch is activated, the engine will just spin and spin the transmission’s input shaft, but won’t actually transmit any power to the wheels.

The clutch is then disengaged and reengaged whenever you want to change gears.

Unfortunately, sometimes the clutch is engaged right when the car is turned on, suddenly sending the vehicle forward in a jolt. That's what the safety interlock switch is for. It keeps the car from being turned on when the clutch is engaged. It also works as a reminder to the driver that they need to put their car into neutral before proceeding to turn the key.

Keep in mind:

  • Safety interlock ignition switches are not standard on most manual transmissions, so you need to be careful about starting your vehicle at all times (you can have one installed though).
  • It won’t keep you from accidentally engaging or disengaging the clutch when you’re on the road.

Our recommendation:

If you’d like a safety interlock switch installed because you’re sick of that sudden jolt when you forget to switch to neutral, that’s definitely a wise choice. However, if your safety interlock switch is broken, it would be a good idea to get it repaired right away. People who have been driving cars with manual transmission their entire lives accidentally start them with the clutch engaged all the time. As such, without the safety interlock switch to help you, it will be easy to mistakenly turn that key before checking to ensure you’re not in gear.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Safety Interlock Switch?

  • Car is able to start when it isn’t in neutral.

How important is this service?

Starting a car in gear is how people needlessly get hurt and other types of accidents occur, so repairing your safety interlock switch is recommended.

Fast and easy Safety Interlock Switch Replacement service at your home or office.

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