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Traction Control Module Replacement Service

What is the Traction Control Module all about?

Nearly all new vehicles are built with traction control as a factory equipped feature. Traction control and anti-lock brakes share much of the same technology in the vehicle including wheel speed sensors and vehicle speed sensors. The traction control system uses a module that interprets all the input signals from each wheel sensor and the vehicle speed sensor, and compares them to determine if one or more wheel is slipping. Essentially, it operates like anti-lock brakes on acceleration instead of deceleration. If wheel slip is detected, the module sends a signal to apply the brakes slightly or to reduce the engine power momentarily to regain traction. If the traction control module isn’t functioning as it should, you may experience traction control activation when all four wheels have perfect traction, uncontrolled tire spin on acceleration, or the service traction control malfunction indicator may illuminate. Also, the anti-lock brakes, or ABS brakes, may operate erratically as the two systems are closely related.

Keep in mind:

  • Traction control is a driving aid. You should not rely on traction control to maintain control of your vehicle.

How it's done:

  • The vehicle wheels are blocked and the battery is disconnected
  • The defective traction control module is removed
  • The new traction control module is installed and the battery is connected
  • The traction control module is programmed for the vehicle and tested
  • The repair is verified and the vehicle is road tested for proper operation

Our recommendation:

If you experience one or more symptoms that you suspect could be related to the traction control system or traction control module, have one of our expert mechanics diagnose and replace the module. Specialized machinery may be required to install and program the module as well.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Traction Control Module?

  • Service traction control malfunction light is on
  • Traction control activates unintentionally or randomly
  • Wheels spin extensively on hard acceleration
  • Erroneous anti-lock brake malfunction light is on

How important is this service?

As improper traction control operation can cause unsafe vehicle operating conditions, a problem with the traction control module should be diagnosed and corrected as soon as possible.

Fast and easy Traction Control Module Replacement service at your home or office.

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