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Car Heat Shield Replacement Service

What is the Heat Shield all about?

The heat shielding in a vehicle protects the more delicate components within the engine from the heat produced by the running engine. It can be found along the exhaust and in the engine compartment along the firewall. Heat shields are often aluminum guards, sometimes made with ceramic or steel, designed specifically to protect your exhaust system from overheating other parts. Anything that can get dangerously hot should have heat shielding on or around it. Loose or missing heat shields can be massively problematic and quite dangerous in some situations.

Keep in mind:

  • A problem with heat shielding can be very hard to diagnose unless some of the shield is scraping on the ground or on another component.
  • Have one of our expert mechanics inspect all of the heat shielding to check if any parts have deteriorated or are rusting away.
  • Some engines have very subtle heat shielding tucked away while others have it everywhere; the amount needed depends on the application.

How it's done:

  • The vehicle is jacked up and placed securely on the jack stands
  • The heat shield bolts are loosened and removed
  • The heat shield is removed
  • The new heat shield is installed and the bolts tightened
  • The vehicle is lowered and tested to ensure the shield is tight

Our recommendation:

If there is an issue with the heat shielding, have one of our expert mechanics look into it as soon as possible. A dragging piece of shielding under a car can be easily repaired if caught early. If any heat shielding develops a hole or becomes detached then it must be repaired or replaced. If a spot has heat shielding from the factory, that shielding should not be removed for any reason. The manufacturer has vast knowledge of where heat builds up in a vehicle and testing is done to make sure the engine and exhaust are properly shielded before the vehicle is produced.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Heat Shield?

  • Scraping noise underneath the vehicle
  • Scraping noise when going over bumps
  • Melted wires or hoses under the hood
  • A very hot hood
  • A burning smell

How important is this service?

Heat shielding is extremely important. It protects the vehicle as well as the persons inside the vehicle from damage due to overheating components and fire. Anything from melted parts causing the car to stop running to a fire under the vehicle are possible results of neglecting heat shielding. Have one of our expert mechanics look into it to resolve the problem and to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Fast and easy Car Heat Shield Replacement service at your home or office.

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