31 years of experience
Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD)

I've been an automotive technician for 30 years and have worked with BMW, Lexus, and Toyota dealerships, as well as Exxon and a gas station. I've performed a wide range of jobs, from regular maintenance and repairs to complex diagnostics. I pride myself on going the extra mile when I accept a job and I love to figure out tough problems.





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Honda Pilot
on October 20

Emmitt was great! He was on time and transparent about everything. Your mechanic is fantastic! I don't ever want to go back to a shop again!

on October 19

Emmette arrived on time, asked about car concerns, provided his oppinion and promptly fixed my car. He was professional, courteous and prompt. He meticulously cleaned the area upon completion of the job. After today's job, Emmette is my new mechanic and I will be referring him to family and friends.



Honda Accord
on October 06

Emmette was great! I made an appointment for about two weeks later since that was the earliest available time. Emmette got in touch a week later to see if I was available that day since he was in the area which was awesome. He was very flexible, came on time, and finished the work fast. He gave me suggestions for other things I needed which was appreciated. He did a great job!

on October 11

He came out and inspected the car. He was nice and honest about what needs to be done. The original appointment was to change the struts but I didn't have my wheel locks so he couldn't do anything. Great service on his part.

on October 06

Emmette was professional, straightforward and prompt. A Mazda dealership, claimed we needed to replace both ABS sensors for almost $600. Emmette did a full inspection. The cables were just loose. Mazda wanted to charge $2k for a few other fixes, which I found to be suspicious due to the age of the car. The detailed report assured us, the dealership was trying to mislead us. We will be booking Emmette again. Primarily, because he gained our trust!

on September 29

I had a "no start problem" on a 2001 Ford Explorer. Emmette quickly determined the issue was an old alarm system that was defective that I wasn't even aware was installed in the car. He removed the alarm and the problem was solved. He took the time to look over the rest of the vehicle. The service was very covenant and avoided the price of a tow. I would use Emmette and the service again.

on September 14

Emmette was great! He did a great detailed job on inspecting the car I was looking at possibly buying. He was on time and very knowledgeable. I would use Emmette and the server again.

on September 21

Emmette is very professional, communicative, and doesn't cut corners. I plan to keep using him for car services and trust him with my vehicle.



Toyota Camry
on September 09

Emmett showed up a little late. However his service to my vehicle was speedy and thorough. During the appointment I booked him again for further maintenance.

on October 03

Emmette diagnosed the problems with my car and will come back in two days to make the repairs. He's honest and very professional.

on August 20

I cannot say enough about how great it was to have Emmette work on my car. Showed up early, worked fast, didn't leave a speck behind, did great work, and had no problem answering a ton of questions that I had throughout the process. He is obviously not faking it and knows exactly what he is doing. I plan on scheduling him every time my car needs work in the future. I'll never take it anywhere else again until he retires.



Ford Windstar
on August 22

Emmette knew his stuff. I was DIYing a job and had hit a snag when my spark plug socket became wedged on my sparkplug. So finally I gave in and called someone to finish the job. Emmette show up and agreed to remove the spark plug, but wouldn't reassemble the cowl (understandable). He took a huge amount of pictures of my car which made me uneasy but I suppose makes sense. It might have been easier for him to just ask me to stand in front of the camera and say "My name is X, and Emmette Greene provided me a good service." But to each his own.

on September 15

Emmette was right on time. Only took a few mins to let us know that the starter is bad. We will definitely be using him again!!!!

on August 12

Emmette is MY MECHANIC... he is awesome, showed up on time and very knowledgeable about cars. Professional and fun to talk to. He fixed the problem in no time. I'm highly recommend him. I will definitely will have him to work on my car. :)


  • 60,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Hyundai Sonata
on August 24

Emmette was very prompt, professional, and explained everything that was completed and what needed to be completed in the future. Great service!

on October 10

Highly qualified and very efficient. Always on time for the appointment and makes sure the job gets done correctly.



Toyota Sienna
on June 29

Emmette is great a great mechanic. He did not rush through the procedure. He took time to check my car thoroughly and cleared all my doubts. Would go extra 50 miles if I had to , to have my car serviced by Emmette. Thank you.

on July 21

Emmette was very professional and gave a great follow up diagnostic. I felt like my car was in good hands with him, I will definitely book him again for any other needs.



Audi Q5
on July 14

He looked like he could do the job and I wasn't disappointed. He was on time and was very cautious and methodical. I left him with the car, came back and it was done. Audi is not your everyday day but he did a pretty good job on it. I always get charged for point check at the dealer, not this time. Yeah, he took a lot of pictures. I'm satisfied with this one.

on July 03

Emmette was fantastic! He arrived early. He changed my one of my ignition coils and all spark plugs. When doing so, he showed me an oil leak seeping into the plugs which he explained caused the short. A different repair shop I went to two days prior advised e to change all coils and plugs at a price of $1,100, They never once noticed the leaking oil under the failed coil (and all others). When my car sputtered a bit on initial start up, Emmette insisted I take it for a ride while he waited for my return. He did so to ensure that the repair worked and I was satisfied. Emmette also inspected my entire car on his own accord. He sprayed a squeaky door, adjusted my tire pressure which was excessive (55 lbs of pressure instead of 32 in all 4 tires. This excess was done by a dedicated "tire" shop when they put my new tires on...What the heck!). He also fixed a bent gas cap (which is likely the cause of 2 EVAP leak codes). He did so at no charge, whereas the other shops wanted to replace major EVAP parts at yet another $1, 500. So far, no EVAP code has returned. I was a bit apprehensive having an unkown mechanic outside of a physical shop do the work on my BMW Z3. However after my exceptional experience with Emmette, I'm going to hire him to replace an expansion hose and to further diagnose and fix the oil leak he found.



Hyundai Accent
on June 23

Emmette is very friendly and competent on his job. He finished the job way ahead of estimated time and the rest of the time left he devoted in performing a thorough check up of our car's system and informed us of any needed services.

on June 25

Great experience first time using the service. Emmett showed up earlier than the appoint time and got started. Emmett was very thorough and the work was outstanding.

on June 16

I feel like I just discovered the next big thing! I can't say enough positive things about Emmette. He was super friendly, took the time to explain everything to me what he was doing and was extremely knowledgeable.



Ford Fiesta
on June 10

Fantastic service! Very professional and courteous. Emmette arrived in the appointment window and got right to work, and finished faster than expected. He explained the work performed , showed me the old parts, and asked if I had any questions. The car stops just fine (had the front brakes and rotors replaced), the price was right, and the service was excellent. I'm very satisfied and highly recommend Emmette.



Infiniti G35
on June 30

emmette was courteous and was on time. He was quick and the craftsmanship was great! I waited before this review to prove everyone that his quality of work is excellent. Tie rod install was top notch. thanks emmette!

on June 17

Emmette did a great job with the brake and power steering flush. He is professional, helpful and knows his stuff. I have already booked my next service with him.



Cadillac SRX
on September 29

Emmett provided recommendations on maintaining my car in great running condition due current miliege.



Toyota Avalon
on August 17

This was my first time using the service and I would recommend Emmette to anyone. He will be my requested mechanic from now on.

on September 30

Emmett did a professional job troublskooting source of problem and making proper repair.

on July 09

The MECHANIC definitely did HIS job, but whoever is handling the PHONES and appointments needs to IMRPOVE. I booked my appointment a week in advance and was only told 18 hours before the appointment that the mechanic was "double booked". Makes NO sense since I booked on the web and the calendar showed me that was an available slot. I got a call requesting I reschedule...the WAIT times on the phobe ARE Ridiculous no MATTER WHAT time you call. The dim-wit that finally answered the phone had NO clue how my appointment got 'double booked'. When Emmett arrived, he explained that all his appointments were cancelled because he was out SICK that day: so what's with the LIES from the call center saying he was 'double booked' when he was out sick?? Asking for a QUOTE was even messy: I did NOT get a response to my quote request back until AFTER about 72 hours and only after I emailed and asked "Where's my quote". Then some dude sent me a quote for the wrong make/model. Good concept, but this places, ASIDE from the mechanic seemed REALLY disorganized.

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