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Evaporation Control Canister Replacement Service

What is the Evaporation Control Canister all about?

Since the introduction of the evaporative emissions system in 1971, nearly all vehicles have been required by law to have one. The evaporative emissions system takes the fuel vapors and sends them to the engine to be burned along with the air/fuel mixture. The fuel vapor is initially collected in the charcoal canister, or evaporation control canister. The charcoal absorbs the fuel vapors until the engine control module determines that they should be sent to the engine for combustion. Air passes through the charcoal, carries it through a tube, and enters into the intake manifold.

Keep in mind:

  • The charcoal canister is mounted underneath your vehicle near the fuel tank and is exposed to environmental elements and road debris.
  • If the charcoal canister is impacted or cracked, fuel vapors that contain harmful benzene and toluene can enter the atmosphere, making those who inhale the vapors sick. Take precautions not to breathe fuel vapors if a leak is suspected.
  • A cracked evaporation control canister will also leak raw fuel, which can create a fire hazard in extreme circumstances.
  • A plugged charcoal canister will cause running issues similar to engine flooding or a rough idle.
  • If the charcoal canister is leaking or plugged, the Check Engine light will come on.

Our recommendation:

The evaporative emissions system can be checked for proper operation and should be done whenever a fuel system cleaning or service is performed. If the evaporation control canister is leaking or is plugged, have one of our expert technicians replace it.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Evaporation Control Canister?

  • Check Engine light is on
  • Engine runs rough at idle

How important is this service?

A leaking evaporation control canister, or charcoal canister, can cause headaches or dizziness if the fuel vapors are inhaled. And in rare circumstances, a cracked canister that is leaking raw fuel can create a fire hazard. The canister should be replaced as soon as it is diagnosed as faulty.

Fast and easy Evaporation Control Canister Replacement service at your home or office.

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